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guns allegedly stolen in west launceston burglary

by:Newland     2019-11-02
Seven guns were stolen in a serious burglary in the suburb of Launceston.
Police have charged two men in West Launceston on Monday afternoon.
They\'re still looking for a third person.
Police will accuse three criminals of forcibly entering a house between one. 30pm and 5. 30pm.
Police said they took a safe for a gun from the house, opened the second gun storage device and took the gun.
On Monday night, 16 officials from Launceston CIB and uniform searched several locations in raavenswood and arrested two 32 and 38 years old from raavenswood.
Police say they found guns, cash, drugs and other items related to the burglary in West Launceston during the raid.
They were charged with serious theft, theft of firearms, and one accused of violating the gun ban.
Both were detained in court.
Launceston CIB is continuing its investigation and is looking for a third accused criminal.
Any have any information of people all was Requirements in 131 444 event in contact Tasmania state police or in 333 1800 anonymous contact crime stop of.
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