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guns, ammo, 500-pound safe stolen from mississauga home

by:Newland     2019-11-04
Four guns were allegedly stolen from a house in Mississauga, and police are investigating.
Police in the Peel area say three shotguns, a long rifle and an unknown amount of ammunition were allegedly taken away from homes under renovation at Rathburn and Mavis Rds earlier this month. area.
Guns and ammunition are stored at 500-
It\'s also said to be the stolen pound safe.
Police say the guns are legally stored.
During the renovation, the owner is not at home, rest time
Reported last Wednesday.
It will take place in the near week after February. 17.
Stolen items include Honeywell 500-
There were three heavy guns, an Elon rifle and an unknown amount of ammunition.
Anyone with information is required to call 905 to call the police-453-2121, ext. 1133.
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