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gun training covers many safety issues, but not some major ones

by:Newland     2019-10-02
(Reuters Health)-
According to a study focused on the United States, most gun safety courses cover basic knowledge such as safe loading and unloading of firearms, but few teachers discuss suicide prevention, domestic violence or prevention of gun theftS. Northeast.
\"More than half of gun owners say they have been trained in firearms,\" said David Hemenway, lead author and director of the Center for Injury Control Research at Harvard University. H.
School of Public Health in Boston.
\"We would like to know if the content in the training manual is really being taught.
\"Hemenway and colleagues created a list of topics based on the advice of expert gun safety instructors and existing training manuals. In 2014-
A total of 14 adult volunteers took basic pistol safety classes for civilians in 7 states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.
Three states (
Cambridge, Massachusetts and Rhode Island)
Training is required before obtaining a concealed carry permit, a gun permit or a purchase permit.
They also need background checks or proof that the buyer has a license to sell a private firearm.
Four other states (
Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Vermont)
The author noted in online injury prevention in October 7 that there are more lenient gun laws, including the absence of basic gun training requirements.
The research team audited a total of 20 gun training courses, including 12 states with training requirements and 8 states without requirements.
They are looking for more than 70 topics that can be discussed in class, such as gun anatomy, gun operation, gun law, gun storage, gun accident prevention, self
Defense gun use, suicide prevention, gun statistics, gun theft prevention and live-fire shooting practice.
\"We have not done this research as a\" problem.
\"We are looking for any type of training and variability and are not judged by quality,\" Hemenway said . \".
\"Our goal is to find ways for public health workers to work together with gun trainers to reduce problems.
\"Overall, the training course lasted an average of 6 hours and cost about $130.
Most of them include a live-fire component about 40 minutes long.
Only two security topics.
Point the gun in the safest direction and keep your finger away from the trigger until you are ready to shoot
100% of the time is covered.
About 95% of the classes cover the basic anatomy of the pistol and how to check if the gun is loaded, 90% explain how to load and unload the gun and determine the target and the person or thing outside the target.
About 50% to 75% people explained how to operate the gun lock, operate it safely, remove the blockage and handle the bullet failure.
Approximately 80% of training courses discuss relevant state laws on licensing and licensing, and 50% to 70% of training courses cover liability laws, child access prevention rules, and state and federal qualifications for possession of firearms
In addition, the study authors found that 90% of people discussed the use of a gun safe.
However, the team wrote that only two (10%) of the 20 mentors discussed the topic of firearms related to suicide or domestic violence.
Similarly, only 20% mentioned that the theft of firearms was the main source of the use of firearms in crime.
\"The vast majority of gun rights advocacy groups, medical and public health professional organizations, and the American people believe that understanding gun safety can be an important step in preventing gun injuries,\" said Dr . \"Ali Rowhani-
Rahbar of the School of Public Health at the University of Washington in Seattle did not participate in the study.
\"Unfortunately, we have very limited knowledge of the actual teaching of the firearms training course,\" he told Reuters Health Channel via email, adding that the study highlighted the gap.
Rowhani-\"we can better expand content by adding components with significant public health significance, such as suicide prevention and Theft PreventionRahbar said.
\"This goal has the potential to save lives and prevent harm. ” SOURCE: bit.
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