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Guangdong self-developed maglev wind turbine

by:Newland     2020-05-04
Period of time, in the futian district, shenzhen city, guangdong province merlin MeiXiu road, some citizens found near the roof of a six-story building high standing 20 nearly five meters high iron pillars, each the top of the pillars had an object ball, constantly rotating in the breeze, seemingly hands of tang's monk monk's staff. Originally, this is shenzhen citizen Lin Wenqi lasted 4 years of independent research and development of maglev wind turbine. The reporter understands, this generator can let the fan rotation, with level 1 wind electricity than traditional wind turbine by more than 35%. The maglev wind turbine working principle is: using magnetic levitation technology, combined with super magnet magnetic force, the motor coil suspended in a certain space, in the absence of any mechanical friction, rely on the wind push issue ac motor rotation and cutting lines, and stored in the battery. Wind power equipment material this scientific research respectively on December 31 and January 20, issued by the state intellectual property office of the appearance design and utility model patents. Expert introduction, compared to traditional horizontal axis wind turbine, type maglev wind turbine although some expensive, but its advantage is very outstanding: first, the former tailfins, must be the wind to change rotating windmill; The latter rely on gyro spin wing, don't change axis wind direction changes. Second, the noise is big, can't overcome uncertain wind jitter, motor, blade is easy to fall off, 3 years to replace a accessories; While the latter is stable, no noise, long life, all kinds of part is not easy to fall off, can work continuously for more than 20 years. Third, the former request bare big open space; While the latter to low space requirements, available for both urban and rural, the coastal mountains; Finally, and most important, the former start wind speed at least 2. 5 m/s, while the latter is only 1 m/s wind speed can be started, the wind speed more than 40 m/s can also be used as usual, and wind speed, the higher the efficiency, a 35% increase in capacity than the former.
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