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Guangdong province 2018 annual 2700 tons of rare earth ore mining index of total amount control

by:Newland     2020-04-14
Recently, the guangdong province natural resources control over the total rare earth mine in guangdong province in 2018 tungsten ore mining index decomposition in this announcement. According to bulletin content, rare earth mine in 2018 in guangdong province ( Rare earth oxides REO) Exploitation of total amount control index of 2700 tons, among them, or county enterprise with 1550 tons of rare earth industrial co. , LTD. , tai Po, guang sheng 950 tons of rare earth mining co. , LTD, heyuan city, Nevada group dongyuan GuYun mining co. , LTD. 200 tons. ( Source of the natural resources of guangdong province) Article information; In the first half of 2018 prices higher than in the first half of the stable trend in guangdong by rare earth black trading
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