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growing your email list for free - some tips on the inside

by:Newland     2019-08-25
Hey guys!
OK, I \'ve been doing it for a while and I \'d like to share with you some of the strategies I \'ve tested in person so you can build your customer list for free.
No, you don\'t need much experience, and it\'s not rocket science either.
In fact, I\'m not the first and not the only one to talk about this (
This is a cool digital marketing post about the process :).
However, I have been proving the concept from scratch for the last few weeks and it works!
Here is my opinion on it.
I hope it will help you grow your business: it may be your Facebook advertising campaign, SEO, blogs, YouTube channels, personal ads, etc.
I\'ll talk more about the source of traffic I like over the next few days, but I \'d rather have a source of traffic that I can control and expand at will (
Unfortunately, SEO is not one of them).
I think a good lead magnet can break your entire funnel.
I have tested this and the best lead magnet type has to do with blueprints and drawings.
Keep in mind that both must be brief and solve a specific problem (
Like I said in this post :)
This is a great opportunity to start creating authority with your audience.
Also known as a self-compensation offer (
Boss of Mike Dillard)
, You want to have a low fare product here that can pay for the whole show.
This is supposed to be $7-
$27 product which will help you build your list further.
The jumping RAM must make sense with what you teach on the lead magnet, and it must be the next logical step in your funnel.
I have tested $27 and $7 and my best price is $17 (go figure! lol).
So let\'s do some numbers here: let\'s say you have an optin page that converts at 40%, which is totally feasible (see here: )
A sales page for a product priced at $ 3% is also perfectly viable.
You will then send 1000 clicks to the optin page from your preferred traffic method: So now what you need to do is go grab all the clicks below $0.
You might get it!
If you target your audience correctly, you can target $0.
Click 10 times a day on Facebook or Adwords.
Then all the revenue generated by your Tripwire is put into advertising campaigns.
Imagine if you get the possibility of some organic traffic (
It doesn\'t take anything, it\'s just your time)
Or if your conversion rate goes up 1%. . .
You can build your subscriber list to 50k in less than 6 months! -
The conversion rate depends not only on your login page, but also on your positioning of the audience. -
Testing, testing, testing.
SEO audits may be better than cheatsheet or blueprint, depending on your audience (
Thanks for the inspiration from Nicholas Kusmich, who is the boss, so check him out). -
Don\'t bring traffic, call a day!
Provide value, value and more value to your customers.
Now that you have their email, you need to make sure you\'re sending it all the time! -
Your lead magnet is like your business card or handshake.
Make sure it looks good and it has some valuable insights that you would rather charge. -
Split test your landing pages, trip lines and ads until you reach a conversion rate that you are satisfied.
OK guys, hope it makes sense for all of you to help you create a stable income that will give you a great weekend!
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