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\'gone are the days of stealing tvs and dvd players:\' police report dramatic increase in guns stolen during break-ins

by:Newland     2019-08-24
Police in Calgary say the city\'s escalating gun violence was triggered by gun theft --and-
Enter and resell on the black market.
A day ago, police expressed great concern about the increasing number of shootings, and officials said they saw a \"sharp\" increase in firearms obtained through breakthroughs. ins.
\"The main source of these guns is from break-and-
Employee Sgt said: \"Enter.
Quinn Jacques of the Calgary police department\'s gun and gang unit on Wednesday.
Instead of taking electronics or jewelry, Jacques said, the thief broke into his home and headed straight to a gun cabinet with legally acquired properly stored guns.
Criminals usually use stolen tools and \"violence and persistence\" to get guns, and then destroy serial numbers on the black market and sell stolen weapons for high profits --
According to police, guns retail for $300 to $750 can sell for $2,500 to $3,000 on the street.
\"These thieves are shameless.
\"They will go into a house and see that a gun is safe and they will attack it because they know the gun is inside,\" Jacques said . \".
\"The days of stealing TV and DVD players have passed and they will go and get the guns.
\"Throughout the province, incidents of theft and entry of stolen firearms increased by 1,440 during the period from 2008 to 2013, according to data collected by the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team from all police agencies in Alberta (ALERT).
In 2008, ALERT reported 10 incidents of breaking into and stealing firearms, a figure that rose to 105 in 2010 and 154 in 2013, the latest year with data.
\"Our criminal intelligence department has identified the guns stolen during breaks as one of the most important criminal trends,\" said Mike Tucker, a spokesman for the agency . \".
According to the city police, there are 72
Guns were stolen last year in ins, Calgary, and police say the figure is expected to rise to about 88 by the end of this year.
At the same time, Tucker said that the number of guns seized due to vigilance related to other criminal offences is also increasing.
Last year, a total of 197 guns were seized, an increase of 48 over the previous year, a surge in the number of only 39 seized in 2011.
\"We have seized more and more guns on grow ops\'s search warrant,\" Tucker said . \".
\"It looks like there must be more guns on the street.
Jacques said, apart from breaking-and-
Entering, guns on city streets come from two smaller sources: they are smuggled in from the United States, or they are legally acquired illegally sold weapons for profit.
He said police are not sure enough about the increasing gun violence to focus their attention on the source of the gun.
\"We are doing our best to deal with the actual shooting, and what is lingering in the context is that we also have to deal with the supply of guns,\" Jacques said . \". Diane Colley-
Urquhart said more than one
In order to prevent the influx of guns into Calgary, a multifaceted approach is needed, and city councillors have suggested that the firearms amnesty program may be part of the solution. “I’m not naive.
I don\'t know how many organized criminals will hand over their guns.
But they are so careless about our use of such a serious weapon and have no benefit for us in this city, \"she said.
In 2006, Alberta collected nearly 3,000 firearms and unwanted weapons during a voluntary firearms amnesty.
Next month-
For a long time, Albertans have been able to hand over firearms without penalty, including restricted or prohibited weapons.
Jacques said he did not think there was much value in another gun amnesty program because the thief stole the gun in case of breaking the door
The immigration service is generally not the type of firearms handed over during the amnesty initiative.
He said: \"The main purpose of this project is to get rid of grandpa\'s old shotgun . . . . . . I don\'t worry about these guns . \".
Jacques says he thinks projects like the gun cash campaign launched in B are more valuableC.
On June, 30 shootings occurred in Surrey and the Delta. week span.
Led by Vancouver Metro Crime Stoppers, backed by lower continental law
Law enforcement agencies, the project aims to get tips on illegal guns by offering up to $2,000 in cash rewards to keep hundreds of guns off the streets.
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