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going, going, gone to snap up some of the celtic tiger toys up for sale

by:Newland     2019-11-14
If you can\'t sell your house or get stuck in any case just for cash, how about selling some of the toys of Celtic Tiger eraA Kinsale, cork real estate agency is launching a series of regular auctions so that people can handle unwanted or unused \"things\" and buy a few pounds in piggybank and buyers can go
Tour and bargain hunting at the same time.
Kevin Kelleher, the auctioneer at Keane Mahony Smith, said: \"thrift is new cool . \"KMS)
When he is ready to pair the buyer with the seller, though the size is smaller than some of his previous property deals.
So, look forward to things like Jeeps and Jets
Skis, ribs, bikes and motorcycles
Furniture, appliances and flat-screen TVs
Screen TV, art and sculpture, various garden equipment and seating, jewelry-in fact, anything that has value and sales opportunities.
Not like shopping online.
Bay, or from classified ads, buyers who are interested in buying have the opportunity to see and touch the item before buying, the location is specific, in which case, Kinsale, for the seller, this means that there are no possible buyers at their doorstep (
Then put their nose).
\"Moreover, the auction is always a little fun and lively,\" added Jill Black of KMS . \".
Kevin Kelleher of KMS said, \"the current economic climate, coupled with our growing social conscience for green issues and recycling, highlights the community\'s need for redevelopment
Selling facilities so that individuals can see some cash for something they may have thrown away or not left behind a while ago
Be used and forgotten \".
\"Again, consumers have thrown-
In recent years, people have become increasingly interested in how they spend money and the value they get from it.
So since thrift is new cool, we will be holding a public auction in Kinsale Town from the beginning of December and will auction everything from magnet to Mustang!
\"He is working on a list of items for sale, if you are interested, please send him pictures, messages and prices in Kinsale office or send them to kmsaution1 @ gmail by email
Com, See also www. k-m-s.
First pre-sale of Com/kinsale
There will be items at the Christmas auction that do not have any sales reserves, such as Kevin\'s own 1993 Wrangler Jeep (
It\'s a bit rusty and needs interior decoration work, but it\'s basically a bulletproof, he says)
-It could be a deal, and the other high-
There may be a rib ship for the final item (
Celtic tiger toyexcellence)
In addition to the new jewelry, a bunch of cherry wood skirting in the hotel, frame prints in the quality frame, old pine dresser, etc-this is the thrill of an auction chase.
Christmas comes early for someone. try {_402_S }
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