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gm plans to build a less expensive volt

by:Newland     2019-09-16
Volt has won almost every major award and has stirred up a lot of interest, but there is a criticism that remains: the price is too high. Chevy cars --
Including voltage-
GM has always intended to go public in the mainstream market, but for $41,000 it seems to require buyers to pay as much as possible for Mercedes-BenzBenz or BMW. The next-
GM spokesman Rob Peterson said it was almost certain that the cost of the Volt generation would be lower.
The same changes that make it cheaper should also make it better.
So, what is the best position for the voltage in terms of price?
The $7,500 federal tax credit reduces costs to around $30,000.
It seems like a more viable price, but the tax credit will not last forever.
\"The ideal price of the United Nations
Large subsidies
John O\'Dell, editor of the website GreenCarAdvisor, said: \"sales may not exceed $30,000 . \". com.
Fortunately, even if subsidies disappear, the high price of electric vehicles will ease today as technology advances and attractiveness expands.
Battery: It is estimated that Volt\'s battery pack costs about $10,000.
In addition to making it cheaper, GM may just want to narrow it down.
Oliver Hazimeh, head of electric vehicle business at PRTM, a consulting firm, said the battery could be more powerful than it actually needs.
\"Providing customers with services of different capacity can be an option, so you can offer the choice for the customer,\" said Hazimeh . \".
Some customers may be willing to offer in order to save a lot of cost-
Add some battery power.
Mass production: Another way to reduce battery costs is to sell more volt or more Volt-based vehicles, Hazimeh said.
\"It\'s hard to use a car to look at the technology and make business cases out of it,\" said Hazimeh . \".
GM is reportedly considering selling a Volt under the Cadillac brand and showing a version of the Volt concept with a high Van body.
Selling more Volt batteries will disperse some of the production costs, making the technical cost per battery lower: Nevertheless, the volume has little impact on cost savings, jon laukner, president of GM\'s subsidiary, General venture capital, said the company found and invested in companies with promising technologies that the company could use.
Technology improvements will bring real savings, he said.
He said: \"You have done a lot of research and development, you can get the same function or better function with less battery, you will spend a lot of money from the car.
For example, GM recently invested in California
A company based on Envia Systems, which produces a new type of battery material, promises to maintain more energy in less space, which is also cheaper than the material currently manufactured by the battery.
Electric motor: Although the electric motor is as long as the gasoline engine, there is still room for improvement.
Michael Crane said one way to make cheaper electric motors is to remove most of the magnets used today, executives in charge of hybrid and electric vehicle technology at Continental, a supplier of auto parts.
Magnets can be expensive.
Today\'s electric vehicle magnets, known as permanent magnets, rely on special materials such as rare earth and rare earth elements.
\"These materials are expensive because they are not available all over the world,\" he said . \".
Researchers are looking at magnets that can be made with something cheaper and easier to find. he said.
Continental Airlines recently launched a new motor that completely replaces the \"permanent magnet\" and uses only the magnet.
These are coils wrapped around the core, which become magnetic only when the current is applied.
Lauckner said GM will use similar cars in its new hybrid Buick LaCrosse.
Electronics and accessories: in addition to batteries and motors, electric vehicles contain many other electronic parts that control everything from the climate inside the cabin to how electricity goes in and out of the battery.
All of these hardware and circuits are very expensive and complex, says Crane.
Today, the circuit is made into a single unit that is light in weight and uses less material-
Especially the expensive rare metals. -
And it is easier and faster to assemble on the assembly line.
Accessories such as air conditioning, power steering and braking systems are also a great opportunity to save costs, Lauckner said.
The original design was driven by a gasoline engine, and engineers are turning to new systems specifically designed for hybrid and electric vehicles.
These are still being perfected, he said.
Reduce fat: like many electric and hybrid cars, Volt is full of options.
Combined, these features make customers feel like they are paying a lot of money each month.
While some additional features, such as a full-navigation screen, fancy stereo, or expensive paint color, may be removed, the cost may be reduced, Hazimeh recommends that this approach be considered by GM if
What electric car buyers are after is more than fuel savings, and these features \"have certain cooling factors,\" which buyers expect.
One thing GM shouldn\'t do, he warns, is to make it affordable by making Volt boring.
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