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global magnet market: industry trends, magnet types, major markets, manufacturing and applications.

by:Newland     2020-02-27
Noida, India, December 05, 2015-(PR. com)--
Permanent magnets play an important role in our daily life, everything from motors, hard drive, air conditioning, speakers, computers, microwaves, cars, mobile phones to everything else can be found as a critical imaging system, etc.
Due to the growing and diverse industrial applications, the global Permanent Magnet Market has seen strong growth over the past decade.
There are currently four major permanent magnets.
Strong magnetic ND-Fe-B, samarium cobalt, Alnico, Soft Magnetic Ferrite.
In terms of market value, the NdFeB type magnet is currently the largest market segment.
Growth in this area is also much faster than other types of magnets.
In terms of volume demand, Ferrite body magnets account for more than 88% of the total production volume.
China is currently the largest producer and consumer of all kinds of permanent magnet materials.
IMARC\'s new report global magnet market: industry trends, magnet types, major markets, manufacturing and applications provides an in-depth understanding of the global magnet market.
Historical market data (2007-2014)and forecast (2015-2020)
All types of permanent magnets are provided globally and at the national level.
Other indicators such as key manufacturers, applications, drivers, challenges, manufacturing requirements, raw material requirements, mechanical requirements, etc.
An analysis was also conducted in this report.
This report is designed to provide excellent guidance to investors, researchers, consultants, marketing strategists and all those who plan to enter the magnet industry in any form.
What has been achieved in this report?
Market analysis of various permanent magnet materials covered: Ferrite body Iron, Iron Boron (NdFeB)
Aluminum, nickel and cobalt (AlNiCo)
And cobalt (SmCo).
Analysis focus of each permanent magnet: * Current and Historical Market Trends (2007-2014)
* Market by Region * Market by Application * Market Forecast (2015-2020)
Market analysis covering various regions: analysis focus of each region in China, Japan, the United States, Europe and other regions: * Current and Historical Market Trends (2007-2014)
* Market Segmentation by magnet type * Market Forecast (2015-2020)
Market analysis of various applications covered: * computer hard drive (HDD)
, CD, DVD * hybrid electric vehicle * electric bike * HVAC (HVAC)
* Other application requirements for wind turbines * settings-
A permanent magnet manufacturing plant covered by Up: Ferrite body Iron, Iron Boron (NdFeB)
And cobalt (SmCo).
Analysis focus for each magnet: * manufacturing process * raw material requirements * mechanical requirements for purchasing complete reports or getting samples for free, please contact: IMARC Asia Group: Email: Asia Pacific @ imarcgroup. Com phone: 91-120-415-
5099 IMARC Group, North America: Email: America @ imarcgroup. com Phone: +1-631-791-
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7331 for more information, visit: Contact Information: IMARC Group Krishna Sharma 91-120-415-
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