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Gauss magnet and magnet gauss meter is introduced _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-04
Magnet gaussian we often hear, so what is the magnet gaussian mean? How many gauss magnet magnetic can top? How do you know the how many gauss magnet is? General and commonly used N35, N38 how many gauss? This article will detail for you. 1, the magnet gaussian is what? Gaussian is the unit of magnetic field, named famous German physicist and mathematician, is said the unit of magnetic induction intensity in the CGS system, corresponding to the international system of units is the tesla ( T) , how many gauss, usually said of the surface of the magnet is refers to the strength of the magnetic induction intensity. 2 what is the highest, magnet magnetic you get gauss? Magnet magnetic up to gaussian depends on many factors: the choice of the magnets; The volume of magnetic material; The distance; This, according to the purpose! A mix of function method, a number of factors. Small make up to sort out some of the common specifications of the magnet gaussian for your reference, such as: 10 * 4 N35 material can achieve 3000 - gauss Around 3200, 3400-10 x 5 About 3600 gauss. Surface of monomer ndfeb magnetic field 3000 & ndash; 300 & 5000 g, ferrite ndash; 800 g, samarium cobalt, alnico 2000 g. Ndfeb permanent magnets should be very high, but it is hard to reach more than 5000. 3, the most how many gauss magnet specification? N35, N38 is probably up to 2000 gs, if the bigger size, N35 up to 3500 gs, N38 up to 3800 gs. General gauss magnet surface, and is inversely proportional to the area, and is directly proportional to the thickness. Some people say that 10000 gauss magnet doesn't exist, small make up on the counter, the appearance of about 10000 gauss, but this is difficult to do. Usually by magnetic circuit design achieve high gauss, this case is not sure, but small make up met 15000 gauss. 4, how do you know the magnet gaussian have how old? Above, a measuring instrument for magnet gaussian - Gauss meter can generally use gauss meter for measuring surface gauss magnet. Gauss meter also called tesla meter is testing a point on the magnet magnetic induction intensity, commonly known as magnetic table. Fluxmeter measure more accurate, it is the overall magnet flux measurement. Measured in different locations, but the magnet surface gauss value is not the same, gauss meter different measured data are different, the error is bigger. 5 what is the difference between, gauss magnet and magnetic flux? Gaussian and magnetic flux measurement is to determine the performance of the magnet. Flux of repeatability is better than gaussian, relatively stable, error is not so big. Gaussian (note: Gs) Is the measuring unit of the magnetic field lines. 1 t = 10000 Gs
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