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fusion power getting closer, say uk scientists

by:Newland     2019-10-14
When world leaders met in Paris to agree on a legal framework aimed at limiting the use of fossil fuels and the resulting rise in global temperatures, a British company said, to make \"reactor-related\" fusion a potential game changer for energy production, it could be only five years.
A British company believes that within five years of achieving \"reactor-related\" fusion, the company will be a major milestone in six decades of scientific exploration of the true holy grail of energy production.
How stars produce energy.
This happens when the nucleus of a light atom, such as hydrogen, blends together under extreme pressure and heat.
Tokmark energy, from Oxfordshire, believes that by 2020, the third version of their compact spherical tokmark reactor will be able to reach a temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius.
This is seven times hotter than the center of the Sun and the temperature needed to achieve fusion.
Such temperatures fuse hydrogen atoms together and release energy, unlike fission reactors, which work by splitting atoms at lower temperatures.
Such achievements do not mean the rapid launch of the global converged power network, but will be an important step towards achieving this by 2050, potentially contributing significantly to world energy supply and reducing carbon emissions.
In Paris, world leaders met to try to reach an agreed framework of action aimed at stabilizing atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations (GHGs).
Governments hope that the summit will end in December 11, when the agreement will herald a shift from increasing reliance on fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution to cleaner energy sources such as wind energy or solar energy.
The key to the success of tokmark energy is its tokmark-
Device for limiting plasma with magnetic field-
And fine high temperature magnet strips.
\"Here we are developing small tokamak like ST25, and then we use some key techniques like high temperature conductors and spherical tokamak shapes, \"Bill Huang, our senior engineer, told Reuters.
\"So we get a slightly different shape from traditional fusion, which allows us to get a higher plasma pressure at a given magnetic field.
This is an efficiency metric called beta, and by using this improved efficiency, it means that the overall size of our devices is actually much smaller.
\"Tokamak Energy says its technical costs will be similar to that of a nuclear fission plant, but there is no risk of any fission material or meltdown.
The company, a technology pioneer at the World Economic Forum, says its compact design means fusion can be produced in reactors much smaller than scientists have recently envisioned.
Huang said that the current ST25 reactor has reached the fusion temperature in a short period of time, but he hopes that the third reactor ST40-
Is currently being completed-
It will enable it to produce \"reactor-related\" conditions. “This (ST25)
Will allow us to get very high temperatures in a short period of time, but what we want to do is generate these high temperatures related to the reactor, so we set ourselves a 100 million degree challenge, our goal is to achieve a 100 million-degree challenge (ST40)
Huang said.
The company is divided into three stages and five stages.
Each involves a new reactor.
David Kingham, Tokamak\'s CEO, believes that by 2030, it will be possible for his team to transfer energy to the grid.
\"We want to get energy revenue in five years, from there we want to get the first power in ten years, it\'s a kind of equipment, we can show the power production from fusion, but it may take 15 years for us to send a lot of energy to the grid, \"said Kim.
He added: \"fusion technology is one of those technologies that can be quickly scaled up and deployed around the world if it can be utilized --
By 2050, this may have a significant impact on carbon emissions, so it will have an impact on climate change from 2050.
\"Tokmark Energy has developed its own magnets, using new high temperature magnets, and believes that this new material can be used to build more powerful magnets to keep the thermal plasma in the generation of tokmark, at the center of the fusion reactor
Continued failure of multiplayer
Billion dollar international thermal nuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER)
Projects in France encourage many small companies to use advances in various technologies to try to integrate themselves.
Some high-
Personal data investors such as Microsoft\'s Paul Allen and Amazon\'s Jeff Bezos support
Scale integration project.
In an era when the world is abandoning its ever-shrinking fossil fuel inventory and finding cleaner energy, investors are attracted by the sheer scale of the final return.
In fact, there are many different routes that can be developed to achieve integration rather than \"winner\"takes-
All races that have only one invention to succeed are also attractive.
One of the company\'s biggest investors
The first person to raise money
Rainbow Seed Fund, United
Managed by Mark White.
\"I think this opportunity is probably one of the most spectacular combinations of risk and return I \'ve ever seen.
There are still many challenges, no doubt, \"he said.
These challenges include making very strong magnets with high temperature magnets.
White said the invention of the superconductive magnet at Tokamak Energy will also help investors like him get a good return.
Additional factors make venture capital attractive.
\"First of all, they (Fusion reactor
It can be built in a factory, so you\'re talking about economies of scale;
The second key issue is that the grid itself, the future grid, may be more dispersed than the current central power generation unit, with 1 to 2 gigawatts per power station.
The devices we\'re talking about here are probably 100 MW, much smaller than those, which makes them into power output brackets that are very interesting for large mobile devices, like some you might see at the Defense Department-
Aircraft carriers, submarines, for example.
\"Other companies seeking a breakthrough in convergence include Dynomak, developed by researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle, which has proven their concept to be effective.
The next step is to enlarge it so that they can reach the temperature needed to start and maintain the fusion reaction.
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