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fridge magnets can kill the weak-hearted

by:Newland     2020-02-21
Zurich: Experts warn that refrigerator magnets and decorative jewelry can become killers if your heart is weak.
The strong magnetic experience used in many new commercial products interferes with pacemakers and implanted heart equipment, causing fatal consequences. Close contact—
At about 3 cm-
Using nd magnets is enough to destroy the stability of these lives.
The Journal of Cardiac rhythm reported that it saved the heart device.
The authors recommend manufacturers to give health warnings to their products.
Ordinary iron or ferrite magnets are a dull gray with low magnetic strength and few people care about them.
Very strong magnet made of ndiron-
The shiny silver boron has only recently been on the market.
However, due to the high magnetic field strength and low production cost, they are used for computer hard drives, headphones and hi-
Including toys, jewelry, and even clothes.
Researchers at the University of Zurich hospital tested the effect of the nd magnet on 70 heart patients --
41 are equipped with pacemakers and 29 are equipped with an implantable cardioverter.
The small 8g magnets tested interfere with the equipment of all patients in the range of 3 cm, regardless of their manufacture or type.
Larger nd magnets may cause interference at a larger distance than this, the researchers said.
Although these devices will work again as soon as the magnet is removed, the author warns that prolonged exposure can cause permanent damage
For example, if someone wears a magnetic name badge.
Researcher Thomas Wolber said: \"Doctors should alert patients to the risks of these magnets.
We recommend that the package include risk information.
\"Ian Asquez, director of nd magnet UK, a supplier of nd magnets for product manufacturers, said his company was aware of the risks and warned each magnet.
Consumers generally don\'t know, he says, and manufacturers have a responsibility to warn consumers of any risks.
\"It\'s a real danger.
Magnets are everywhere.
There are a lot of badges, fridge magnets and phones.
If you are on a busy bus and you have a magnet in the pocket of someone you are squashed, you can easily be within 3 cm.
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