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fresh gear: the latest technology

by:Newland     2019-10-27
Balista LED fishing LureSource: supply Jennifer Dudley
Nicholson went through all the new products on the shelves and brought you the best new technology.
Samsung mobile phone, priced at 249 samsung.
Now, the com/auVIDEO camera is becoming less and less common as it slides out of its pocket and Samsung has joined the trend. Its tiny HMX-
The E10 camera has outstanding features, including a lens a 2 that can rotate 270 degrees. 7-
Inch touch screen and ability to capture full height
HD video and 8-
Photos of millions of pixels
It can also record the video to the MicroSD card so you can swap its memory quickly. ----------------------
The digital market is down at $79.
Not only did Com/auDIGITAL radio crash on price, but it spread throughout the family.
Pure\'s latest DAB device, Siesta Mi, is a miniature bedside radio that can wake up the owner with the tune of a digital or FM radio station.
This radio is a smaller version of pure nap, it also allows the user to set two alarm clocks, control the nap timer, and also comes with an alarm clock. ----------------------
$ Tbamotola sensitive phone. com.
Fans of Google Android will be spoiled this Christmas.
Motorola will launch Motorola Milestone 2 next month, a smartphone that offers 3. 7-
Inch touch screen, slide
The QWERTY keyboard and the 1GHz processor keep the application running.
There are 5 new milestones-
It can be an internet hotspot used with five other devices. ----------------------
Fish, $29. 95balista. com.
The fish on the hook can be tricky.
Australian company Balista has developed a technology
In order to make the work easier, the temptation to be smart.
Balista Dyno 100 lure has a loud rattle with red LED lighting that opens when drowning in water to lure cod and barramundi to bite it.
A lithium battery can guarantee 120 hours of fishing time. ----------------------
Activity sound, $99. 95sennheiser. com.
Glee all it is affected by Glee\'s Sue Sylvester, but an original Trefoil Adidas pattern is about to appear on a new set of headphones.
Sennheiser\'s brand new HD220 headset comes in Adidas Original Blue with a nd magnet for bass boost, comfortable adjustable earmuffs and matching headphones and your favorite sportswear
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