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four wwi shipwrecks are being sold on ebay for $1m

by:Newland     2019-11-08
You think your baseball card is worth putting on eBay.
Four German warships used and sunk during the First World War are being sold on auction sites, possibly for $1 million or more.
Current owner, 70-year-
Old Thomas Clark bought the ship 1981 for an undisclosed price and decided he had enough. DEADLY 102-YEAR-
The old wreck found that \"it\'s just an absolute pleasure to own and dive these iconic boats, and I\'m sorry I didn\'t manage to do more with them during my possession, clark mentioned in the comments obtained by SWNS the remains lying on the bottom of Orkney near 100.
\"I look forward to handing them over to the new owners and hope that they will have the opportunity to fulfill their desire for the ship.
Clark set the \"buy now\" price of 250,000 ($313,101)
For each fearless SMS Kronprinz Wilhelm, SMS Konig and SMS Markgraf and £ 60,000 ($75,144)
For cruiser SMS Karlsruhe.
According to eBay\'s ad, if someone buys all four shipwrecks, they may \"have a considerable naval fleet in the world\'s largest navy fleet \".
\"The ships are only part of the German High Seas Fleet and have taken part in the battle of Sunderland, the biggest naval battle in the conflict.
In the end, they were detained by the Royal British Navy in 1919 in the splapalcurrent, where they were disarm.
Prior to the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, the commander of the detained fleet, Major General Ludwig von Ruyt, ordered the fleet to be sunk in order to prevent the Allied forces from occupying them, and since then they have been sitting under the sea.
Of the 74 vessels seized, 52 were eventually sunk.
Many of the remains were eventually salvaged and towed away, but they were already seated under the sea and protected as official monuments.
Clark bought SMS Markgraf and planned to salvage it, but the fact that it was protected as a monument prevented him from doing so.
It and other shipwrecks have become a hot spot for recreational divers, but they do not allow access to or use the parameters of the shipwrecks.
The new owners will have the right to dive on board and will be allowed to enter and touch them, while also recycling items from them.
However, they need permission from the historical environment of Scotland.
It is also unlikely that any form of commercial bailout will be allowed, and any sale will require the consent of the United States. K.
S. Department of Defense before any sale is finalized.
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