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Four kinds of bonded ndfeb magnet manufacturing technology is introduced

by:Newland     2020-03-26
Strong ndfeb magnetic is one of all types of permanent magnets, belong to the rare earth permanent magnet materials, the production process is different, so small make up to you to say this article is about several manufacturing processes of bonded ndfeb magnet. Bonding process of adhesive ndfeb magnet is an important part of the preparation of magnet, four kinds of mode of production. First, rolling forming of the bonded ndfeb manufacturing process will be magnetic powder and bonding agent according to the proportion of the volume ratio of about 7:3 mixing, rolling into the required thickness and then treated with fixed-line made into finished products, generally use vinyl numerical and nitrile butadiene rubber as adhesive, bonding with ferrite or part and a small amount of ndfeb. Generally do not need surface treatment, use sticker to protect or decorate, ndfeb need nickel plating. Second, bonded ndfeb manufacturing process of injection molding mix magnetic powder and bonding agent, mixing, early by heating, drying, and then screw rod to the heating chamber heating, injected into the cavity forming, after cooling for a quick finished products. General use of nylon 6, polyamide, polyester and PVC addition amount of 20% ~ 30% ( Volume fraction) With the complex shape of rigid bonding permanent magnets. After, samarium cobalt magnet, ndfeb magnet, do not need to surface treatment. Three, bonded ndfeb production technology of extrusion and injection molding in basic same, only difference is that the aggregate after heating by a continuous forming hollow extrusion into the mould. As the use of nylon 6, polyamide, polyester and polyethylene, the production process is relatively difficult to achieve thin cylinder or other longer magnet ring, such as ferrite, samarium cobalt magnet and ndfeb magnets. Four, binding of rare earth neodymium magnets with production process of the mould will be magnetic powder and bonding agent according to the proportion of mixture, after granulation and add a certain amount of coupling agent, forming in the mold, curing at 120 ° ~ 150 °, end up with finished product. Using solid epoxy value or phenolic resin, content of 1% ~ 5%, according to a larger size and shape of simple adhesive cathode electrophoresis, spraying, commonly used permanent magnet evaporation coating protection and other methods. Bonded ndfeb magnets molding process is basically divided into the four, one of the most commonly used is a molding and injection molding. Bonded ndfeb bonded process is introduced; 1, magnetic powder, lotus root and the adhesive - ingredients - no pressure molding and curing processing to the magnetization, magnetic field detection packing 2, magnetic powder, lotus root - adhesive - ingredients to magnetic field pressure molding, the magnetization to detect the degaussing - curing processing - packing this article first edit in October 2018, changes in January 2020, modified reason: not to participate in the ranking. And this paper related products); Bonded ndfeb magnets bonded ndfeb magnets related articles recommendation: two bonded ndfeb magnets and sintered ndfeb magnet the concrete difference between physical properties and performance parameters of the introduction of bonded ndfeb magnets bonded ndfeb magnets, what are the way of surface treatment?
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