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former policeman jailed for stealing a pistol and swapped it with a friend for two surfboards

by:Newland     2019-11-03
A former Gold Coast policeman who replaced two surfboards with a police pistol was sentenced to two years in prison but will be released within six months.
Christopher Morris Curtin stole Glock.
On 2001, 22 pistols in the Surfers Paradise police gun safe were exchanged with the partners of the new state surfboard manufacturer and convicted drug dealers for two wooden boards, express deliveryMail reports.
The South Harbor District Court was told that surfboard maker Brian keaway wanted the gun for shooting pigs.
The weapon goes back to the Surfers Paradise police station.
A few years later, it was sold to a new state undercover police officer for $5000.
Curtin, who withdrew from the Queensland police force in 2008 as a wildlife caregiver, admitted serious theft and possession of contaminated property.
Judge Kerry O\'Brien sentenced Curtin to two years in prison, but ordered a suspended sentence six months later.
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