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For a magnet manufacturer custom expensive? Ricky told you the real price

by:Newland     2020-04-12
How much is the magnet custom? For that matter, Ricky magnet card sometimes all day to answer many times to the customer, in this to tell you is that to the magnet manufacturer for custom watches must be clear about your own needs, otherwise the manufacturer is not easily offer, magnets custom quote and taobao sell price is different, is not a standard product, so the price of each customer demand as there are differences. In this can clearly tell you, Ricky magnets to card manufacturer of magnets custom, will not disorderly quotation, our quotation is very precise, clear texture, shape, performance requirements of the customer, tolerance, heat resistance, quantity, etc. , is a detailed quotation, if your demand is very fuzzy, so can only give you a price range, if some basic requirement of the magnets are not clear, that we are unable to offer. Factory as the primary source, to be sure customization is very affordable price, the number of magnet products also can say the same quality there isn't going to be cheaper than the manufacturer, if you want to know the price, just tell us the detailed requirements of the personnel of the service! Ricky magnet factory direct customer contact CARDS around the page: http://www. 勇气, 磁铁。 Com/lianxi/more magnets custom problem polymerization; Custom magnets magnet manufacturers have what material to choose from? No figure no sample can be customized magnet that I want to do?
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