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florida teen nabbed at canada border after grandma found dead

by:Newland     2019-11-04
Eric Mott returned to Florida on vacation on Wednesday, expecting his mother and son to pick him up at the airport.
When they didn\'t show up, the father tried to call 15-year-
Old Logan Mott, according to First Coast News. No answer.
The boy\'s grandmother, Kristina French, did not answer the phone either.
So Mott and his girlfriend paid for a ride from the airport, arrived at his house on Neptune Beach and found the front door open, the place was looted and the guns emptied.
It triggered a crazy few days. long cross-
9 th National search
He and his grandmother
At first it was a concern for the lives of both of them, but then there were some of the darkest shifts imaginable.
\"Kristina loves Logan very much and Logan loves her very much,\" the boy\'s mother, Kylie Campbell --
According to Action News Jax, Mott wrote in a desperate Facebook post after the two went missing.
She described the French as one of the kindest and most loving people she knew-she became Logan\'s grandmother in her 30 s and is now 53. (
Employers in France, a school serving children with autism and disabilities, will later say the same. )
Campbell, her son.
Mort wrote that it was good and good for his family.
When he was born, he didn\'t make a voice and kept introspective in life-\"always looking at the world and analyzing it.
The mother wrote: \"Logan is also very brave in terms of diabetes, and now she is very worried.
\"If you take them away, we beg you to return Logan and Kristina,\" she pleaded in the post . \". “Please.
He will die without insulin.
Wednesday passed and there was no sign.
According to First Coast News, a police cruiser stood guard in the light rain outside the French family the next night, and she did not return and took the gun from there.
A few miles from Neptune Beach, police are still searching the looted House Logan and his father live in.
On Thursday night, a reporter saw investigators holding buckets and sifters in the yard;
The next day, the public will find out what they are doing.
Rumors began to circulate, from last Friday Logan was last seen at school, and by Wednesday when his father came back, something terrible happened to the Mort family. At 5 p. m. Friday, high-
Senior police officers and members of the Jacksonville Sheriff\'s Office gathered at Neptune City Hall to reveal what they knew.
Ron Lendvay, director of the Sheriff\'s Office, told reporters that Logan Mott did not need insulin.
The boy was thought to have been taking medicine for a week, stole his grandmother\'s car and traveled hundreds of miles north to Pennsylvania. A surveillance camera found him the day before.
Meanwhile, investigators found a temporary grave in the backyard, and during the day they found what they thought was the body of the French.
So Logan is still looking.
\"We need to talk to him about what could have happened in the house,\" Lendvay said . \".
Considering the missing guns, he is considered to be carrying weapons and dangerous.
Like Campbell.
Mort can\'t imagine the Frenchman hurting her son, nor can she believe Logan would hurt or deliberately kill his grandmother.
\"It could be an accident. He ran away with a fright.
We don\'t know, \"she wrote on Facebook after the press conference, as Action news Jax reported.
\"He may be scared, very confused, alone.
\"Logan Mott, I love you if you are reading this,\" she wrote . \". “I’m here. I love you. Please call me.
I will help you. Mom.
Less than an hour before midnight that night, the sheriff\'s office announced Logan had been found.
Instead of calling his mother home, he traveled all the way from Neptune Beach to near Buffalo, where federal agents detained him on the Canadian border.
By that time, a judge had issued an arrest warrant for the theft of a car, although Logan was still described as someone interested in the death of his grandmother.
On Saturday morning, the sheriff\'s office did respond to a request for further details.
After Logan\'s arrest, in a statement issued by ABC News and other media, his mother remained as optimistic as possible.
\"He was safe and detained and we were relieved and we just asked everyone to give us time to fix what was going on,\" she wrote . \".
\"Logan is our child in any case, and we love him and stand by him to help him in any way.
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