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florida school shooting: nikolas cruz appears in us court as it’s revealed he obtained 10 guns in past year

by:Newland     2019-11-03
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School plans to reopen after the mass shooting.
Image: AFPSource: AFPA has set up a \"phased re-opening\" for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, a scene of a mass shooting incident that killed 17 people.
Teachers and staff will return to school at eight o\'clock A. M. local time on Friday (
Midnight Saturday (AEDT).
\"This day is dedicated to meeting the needs of employees and there are various support services on campus,\" Broward County Public Schools said in a statement . \".
Students and their parents will participate in \"voluntary campus orientation\" from two o\'clock P. M. to five o\'clock P. M \".
Various consulting services will be provided.
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Sarah Goodchild, put flowers on the fence around Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
Picture: AFPSource: the AFPThe school district said, \"The goal is to resume classes at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School next Tuesday according to the revised schedule \".
The Parkland School has been closed since former student Nicolas Cruz allegedly began a murder spree in February 14.
Authorities say the new building or building 14 that took place in the massacre will be demolished and replaced by the victim\'s monument.
A new building will be built.
The announcement comes as Florida Governor Rick Scott is under pressure for ties to gun lobby groups.
According to the Miami Herald, Scott has greatly lifted gun restrictions in recent years, including preventing doctors from asking questions about patient weapons and opposing a larger background check.
The National Rifle Association gave Scott-
Plus the rating that helped him win the game again
Elections four years agoAn A-
The grade is the seal approved by the NRA.
The students fled the scene of the shooting.
Image: APSource: Gunmen at APFLORIDA school appear in court. These developments took place this morning when Cruz appeared in court for a procedural hearing, which he was on suspicion of premeditated murder.
Cruz, dressed in an orange prison costume, sat down at a brief hearing by Judge Elizabeth Schell in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
The hearing discussed whether to withdraw defense motions relating to contact with clients, which must be a minor issue in the long prosecution and trial.
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Picture: Mike Stoke/South Florida Sun-
Sentinel of APSource: Counsel for APCruz had earlier requested that documents be sealed at the Fort Lauderdale hearing, which was held without the presence of the accused.
They also asked Cruz not to appear in court so that the hearing would not become a \"media circus \".
However, Judge Scherer was on the side of the prosecutor, and Cruz appeared.
According to CNN, according to police sources, the suspect has purchased 10 rifles in the past year.
They don\'t have details on where or how Cruz got the gun.
Revealing: Students turn pain into activityyear-
The old man gave a brief speech to his defensive team.
Picture: Mike Stoke/South Florida Sun-
APSource: The 19-year-old APCruz was charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder, and on Wednesday, a student and staff member was shot dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School near Parkland, Florida.
After being arrested on the day of the shooting, he was detained at Thursday\'s hearing without bail.
During a protest in front of the White House in support of gun control reform, students lay down to protest against White House demonstrators.
Photo: AP/Evan VucciSource: after 17 students were killed in a school shooting in Florida, dozens of teenage students lay down in front of the White House and asked the president to control guns
Parents and educators have also joined the ranks of teenagers.
The protesters crossed their arms over their chests.
Two activists were covered by an American flag, and another activist held a sign and asked, \"Am I next ? \"?
Jane Schwartz, 17, is one of the White House High School protesters.
Image: AP/Evan vucciisource: APElla Fesler, 16year-
A high school student in Alexandria, Virginia said: \"It is very important to express our anger and ultimately try to change the importance of gun control in the United States.
\"Every day when I say goodbye to my parents, I admit that I will never see my parents again.
\"On a public holiday in the United States, President Donald Trump stayed at his Florida golf club, about 65 km kilometers from the school shooting scene.
A high school student held a protest outside the White House.
Picture: AP/Evan vucciisource: \"I thought I had the only key,\" said a Florida family holding a suspected school gunman, Nicola Cruz, on American television, they didn\'t realize that the troubled teenager had a gun for him.
\"One of the rules before he moves in is that he has to get a safe for a gun,\" James Snyder, whose family, after his mother\'s death, on November, I accepted a night in Cruz to tell Good Morning America.
\"I thought I had only one key.
Kimberly and James Snyder took in Nicolas Cruz after his mother died.
Image source: APSnead-whose 17-year-
The eldest son went to school with Cruz and was on campus at the age of 19. year-
It is said that old used AR-
15 rifles killed 17 people last week.
Said their guests only requested access to the safe twice.
\"Once, I promised because he wanted to clean up. . .
\"One More Time, he asked, I said no, it\'s not a good time,\" Mr Snead said . \".
\"I do not know what is going on in the House;
It\'s just not a good time.
I don\'t know if we\'re going to leave or if we\'re going to sit down for dinner or something, but it\'s not a good time.
Snyder and his wife, Kimberly, said they had no problem with his gun because he followed the rules.
Nicolas Cruz was arrested after the massacre.
Image: Supplier Source: supplier provided \"they are not allowed to go out if we are not at home.
If one of us is not at home, he will know.
As far as we know, he never took them out . \" She said.
This statement is in stark contrast to the statement made by the family lawyer, who had previously spoken on behalf of snes and told The Sun last week: \"The family asked him to put it in a locked gun cabinet at home, but he had a key.
\"These sneers have always thought that they didn\'t notice anything about Cruz.
\"He is very polite.
James Snyder told Good Morning America that he looked normal.
In an interview released a day ago, the couple told the South Florida Sun reporter that the teen killer was immature and depressed, but seemed to be getting happier and happier.
They say they don\'t know how he turned into a mass killer.
\"This monster lives under our roof, we don\'t know,\" Mrs. Snead told the newspaper . \".
\"We did not see this side of him.
Her husband added: \"Everything everyone seems to know, we don\'t know.
\"It\'s so simple. ”-
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