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floating cloud

by:Newland     2019-10-20
For idle people, watching the cloud has always been a popular hobby.
Think about the idea of life, or take a nap under the pretext of inspiration in nature.
Familiar Picture
The calm afternoon sun warms the lush grass on the grass --
As we lay on our backs, we saw a hill.
Too unfamiliar.
In the wild, there are terrible mosquitoes, no sunshine, no grass, no grass.
Heck, Watson even wrote a poem from it, and he imagined himself wandering alone like a cloud.
Well, don\'t worry any more, the bedroom word, because for $4,620, the floating Cloud 2 is fine.
0 is your own.
A floating cloud is a suspended light.
Float 75 inch using a combination of rare earth magnets, magnets and position sensors.
It consists of hypoallergenic polyester, completely wireless, powered by rechargeable lithiumion battery.
This sleeping lamp is Richard Clarkson studio cloud-
Innovative technology based on design and Crealev.
It may seem like just an accessory to the living room, but the floating cloud contains LEDs that react to the sound.
Although the lights are not doubled
As a speaker, its EQ mode makes the led respond to the beat of an external sound, such as loud noise, music, or human sound, and flashes.
More importantly, if you ever fantasize about feeling fluffy cotton in the sky, but feel a little out of reach, then this cloud is here to save the day.
The magnet allows the cloud to rotate fully and move up and down slightly when pressed, to remain realistic, and to allow those cloudy days to leave your disposal and illuminate your desk.
Who doesn\'t want to have this innovative thing?
It\'s not very useful, of course, but it\'s floating.
Don\'t let its price affect your judgment. —Magnetic-
Floating technology that enables the cloud to float
Position sensors allow the cloud to move around while floatingSound-
Reactive color LED tuned with music or ambient sound-
Completely remote-
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