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Ferrite square magnet middle recessing is very popular recently?

by:Newland     2020-04-15
Ferrite magnets, we generally is common wafer form, cylindrical and square form, for the alien, I think few people commonly seen or know, believe not processing, actually ferrite can be processed into alien. Met a few in recent days, small make up company alone in looking for this kind of ferrite open a channel slot among customers, from shenzhen, dongguan, ferrite magnets a little older open slot, a small, we can carry on the processing. About the magnets, small make up also asked where the customer use? But customers didn't elaborate, ask us a delivery date and price, don't again recently popular it? The deformed ferrite magnets we can carry on the processing, is now a customer let us begin proofing and small batch, if you have similar recessing ferrite magnets for processing, welcome to contact us. In this paper, the author: dongguan card rich magnetoelectricity technology co. , LTD. Contact us: WWW. 勇气, 磁铁。 Com/lianxi/keywords: open groove of ferrite, ferrite magnets, special-shaped processing factory
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