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Ferrite (pan Bowl) The magnet is introduced

by:Newland     2020-04-12
Keep the magnet ferrite magnetic pot, also known as ( Magnetic holder) , it is a great choice clamping, clamping and fixing parts. These magnets by wrapped in steel shell of ferrite magnets, able to withstand the pounding of continued without fracture. Ferrite cup magnets are designed to direct clamping steel surface, very suitable for industrial applications, such as iron and steel industry or tool shop. Unlike other ferrite magnet, its magnetic force is limited to one side of the ferrite magnets, resulting in a powerful clamping force. Steel shell will flux concentration on the activity of pot magnets, make it 5 times more than ordinary ferrite magnets. These magnets can use a screw or bolt fixed on a non-magnetic surface, such as the central countersunk fixtures. Because the price is low, pan with ferrite magnet is usually in don't need more choice when rare earth magnets. Despite their lack of the magnetic intensity of neodymium magnets, but they can provide a reasonable tension at very low prices. They also have strong corrosion resistance, able to withstand up to 250 ° C temperature, make them become one of the most popular of the permanent magnet in daily application. We can offer a series of ferrite bowl ( Basin) Magnet, including threaded holes, countersunk or threaded hole, we also provide custom magnets with all kinds of magnetic components, whatever your project or industry, we will have a suitable for your magnetic solution. Associated with this article magnet products; Magnetic components
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