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Ferrite, ndfeb can withstand the highest working temperature and Curie temperature is introduced

by:Newland     2020-03-14
About ferrite with ndfeb can withstand the highest working temperature and Curie temperature is the concern of many. Ndfeb work of heat-resistant temperature limit is how many? High temperature resistant ndfeb heat-resisting temperature limit is how much? Ferrite heat resistant temperature limit is how much, today small make up for your detailed introduction. Ndfeb magnet magnetic intensity and environment temperature changes have close relationship. In working temperature range, temperature rising per 1 ℃, the corresponding magnetic force will be reduced, after cooling, most can restore to the original level, it is reversible. Curie temperature if the temperature is reached, magnet internal molecular strenuous exercise, has the demagnetization situation, it is not reversible. The highest permanent magnets working thermometer. Upper limit of ndfeb hot working temperature: 80 ℃, Curie temperature 310 ℃. Upper limit of high temperature resistant ndfeb hot working temperature: 200 ℃, the Curie temperature of 340 ~ 400 ℃. Upper limit of ferrite heat-resistant working temperature: 300 ℃, 450 - the Curie temperature 460℃。 Articles by dongguan Ricky xiaofu original editing, strong magnetic card suppliers to the magnet industry news, if you have the same, is plagiarism. Associated with this article magnet products; Rare earth ndfeb strong magnet ferrite permanent magnets related articles xiaofu recommended reading: what is the Curie temperature of the magnet? Curie temperature of the magnet is the highest working temperature of magnet?
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