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Ferrite magnets naming rules do you know?

by:Newland     2020-03-11
Ferrite magnets have their own naming rules, now basically use the naming rules of China. Fer 3 or Feroba 3 at first, but now no longer use the name of these grades, and then use the ferrite ( 陶瓷) Named after the first letter 'C' level, such as C5, and C8. The United States and Britain are still using this rule. Now most of the ceramic hard magnetic ferrite magnets are manufactured by China, so China level naming method commonly used in Europe, and has been widely accepted in the United States, they rule begin by Y. Fer 3 or Feroba 3 is now known as Y30H - 1. Ferrite C8, also known as Y30H - 1. Fer 2 or 2, now called Y30 Feroba. Ferrite C5 is also called Y30. Most of the ferrite magnet starting with C grade, or with China named Y words at the beginning. But sometimes you also can see levels such as HF26/18 ( This is Y30 level) , this is a European naming rules, but not all of the continent is in use. Ferrite magnet knowledge; What is the isotropic ferrite magnet and different parties? You want to know about cutting ferrite magnets are all here
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