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Ferrite magnetic magnetic materials

by:Newland     2020-04-28
A compound non-metal oxide sintered body. On electrical belong to the category of semiconductor, say again so magnetic semiconductors. Magnetite ( Main ingredients are FeO) Is one of the most simple ferrite. As early as the beginning of the 20th century in the world have synthetic ferrite, in the 30 s, France, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands successively carried on the system research. The Dutch began from 1946 ferrite soft magnetic materials in industrial production. China's industrial production in ferrite beginning around 1956. Ferrite has been in radio communications, computing technology, automatic control, radar, navigation, space navigation, satellite communication, instrument measurement, printing, display, pollution treatment, biological medicine, high-speed transport a wide range of applications. Ferrite magnets are composed of one or more iron and other metal composite oxide. Such as the chemical formula which best characterizes the spinel ferrite MeFeO or MeO? FeO, of which the Me is ionic radius and bivalent iron ion ( Fe) Similar divalent metal ions ( Such as Mn, zinc, Cu, Ni, Mg, Co, etc. ) Or average group of chemical price of bivalent metal ions. Iron, silicon aluminum ferrite soft magnetic ferrite and permanent magnetic ferrite. Soft magnetic ferrite is manganese ferrite ( MnO吗? FeO) , zinc ferrite ( 氧化锌吗? FeO) Nickel, zinc ferrite ( Ni- Zn? FeO) Magnesium, manganese zinc ferrite ( Mn- Mg- Zn? FeO) One component or multicomponent ferrite resistivity is much bigger than the metal magnetic materials, and has a higher dielectric performance, hence both ferromagnetic and ferroelectric and ferromagnetic and piezoelectric ferrite. Under the high frequency than metal magnetic materials ( Including, aluminum silicon alloy) Much higher permeability, applicable to work under a few KHZ to several hundred MHZ frequency. Processing ferrite belongs to general ceramic craft, thus process is simple, and save a lot of precious metals, the cost is low. Ferrite saturation magnetic flux density is low, usually only 1/3 ~ 1/5 iron. Ferrite in the magnetic energy stored in the unit volume is low, limits its in requires higher magnetic energy density in the field of low frequency and high voltage and high power applications. It is suitable for high frequency low power, low voltage application occasions. Nickel zinc ferrite magnet can be used as a radio antenna and intermediate frequency transformer core, manganese zinc ferrite can be used as a television receiver rows in the output transformer core. In addition, the soft magnetic ferrite also used in the communication line in intensifying, and filter core, etc. In recent years is also used for high frequency magnetic recording transducer ( Head) 。 Permanent magnetic ferrite with barium ferrite ( 包吗? 6FeO) And strontium ferrite ( 地面读数? 6FeO) 。 High resistivity, belong to the type of semiconductor, the small, coercive force is big, can be effectively applied in the air gap magnetic circuit, especially suitable for small and permanent magnets. It does not contain precious metals such as nickel, cobalt, rich source of raw materials, the process is not complicated, the cost is low, aluminum nickel and cobalt permanent magnet can be substituted. The maximum magnetic energy product ( ) ( kg1] Low kg1, so in the case of equal magnetic energy, bigger than metal magnet volume. Poor stability, the temperature of the quality of a material is brittle, fragile, don't impact resistance vibration, unfavorable for measuring instrument and precision requirements of the magnetic device. Permanent magnetic ferrite products are mainly for the anisotropic series. They can be used to make permanent magnet ignition motor, permanent magnet motor, permanent magnetic separator, permanent magnetic head, magnetic bearing, magnetic separator, speakers, microwave devices, magnetic therapy, hearing AIDS, etc. Iron, silicon aluminum wei just now the large supply of WWW. yirongciye。 com
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