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Ferrite magnet properties and its function is introduced

by:Newland     2020-04-12
Factory most of the enterprises with more two magnets are mainly ndfeb and ferrite, some with more than the former, some with more than the latter, the specific application, Ricky magnet card manufacturer small make up today to chatter ferrite magnets to you. Ferrite magnets: it is the main raw material includes BaFe12O19 and SrFe12O19. Manufactured by ceramic technology, the quality of a material is hard, brittle material, because of the ferrite magnets have good temperature resistance, low cost, moderate performance, has become the most widely applied permanent magnets. Ferrite magnet sintering permanent magnetic material, is composed of barium and strontium iron body, this kind of magnets in addition to a strong resistance to demagnetization, and the advantages of low cost. Ferrite magnets hardness brittle, need special machining process. Because of its opposite magnet along the direction of manufacturing orientation, you must take along the direction of magnetization, because there is no orientation and the gay magnet, can along any direction of magnetization, in spite of the pressure surface is often the smallest side will find a strong magnetic induction. Magnetic energy product range in 1. Mgoe 1 to 4. 0 mgoe between. Due to low cost, ferrite magnet has a wide application field, from the motor, the speaker to toys, crafts, so it is the most widely used permanent magnet materials. Ferrite permanent magnet ferrite, soft magnetic ferrite, microwave ferrite. Barium ferrite, strontium ferrite permanent magnet ferrite. Soft magnetic ferrite nickel and manganese zinc ferrite, zinc ferrite, magnesium, zinc ferrite, microwave ferrite with yttrium ferrite, etc. There are hexagonal system ferrite, etc. What is the role of the ferrite? 1, magnetic shielding effect, or the absorption of electromagnetic waves. 2, the ferrite is not the highest ability of high temperature to 450 degrees? The ferrite generally can only to 200 degrees. 3, adsorption, adsorption force is small, but a bunch of conductive role, more in terms of motor used. How much is the density of ferrite? The density of sintered ferrite: about 4. 9 grams/cubic centimeter. Injection ferrite, density of about 3. Eight grams per cubic centimeter. What place use most ferrite magnet? Ferrite magnets used most frequently is all kinds of motor. Motorcycles and cars start motor, motor car skylight window open. The curtain automatic equipment, toy motors, etc. How much is the general ferrite mould cost? Our company currently has thousands of sets of round, square and tile magnet mould, etc. Can help customers to save a lot of mould cost, usually open mould cost in 1 - Around 30000. Related ferrite magnet products: large square magnet ferrite magnet ring horn moulding square magnet ferrite punch ferrite magnets more common problems; What are the advantages of ferrite permanent magnet? Ferrite magnets are easy to rust? Sintered ferrite can be saved?
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