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Ferrite magnet production process _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-03
Ferrite magnet production process: on the basis of ferrite crystal structure and morphology, the preparation process is roughly divided into: polycrystalline ferrite production process; Ferrite chemical process; Single crystal ferrite manufacturing process and other special process, such as ferrite polycrystalline thin films and amorphous ferrite, etc.     A, polycrystalline ferrite production process & ensp; Similar of sintering process is commonly used in ceramic industry, including the following steps: by solid phase reaction of ferrite metal oxide or carbonate or other compounds, after mixing, the ball mill, drying, pressing into a particular shape. In about 1000 & deg; C after presintering temperature, fully grind and mix again. Adding suitable amount of adhesive, pressed into the required shape or as plastic material extrusion into tubes, bar or strip. Then in 1200 ~ 1400 & deg; C temperature sintering, accurate temperature depends on the ferrite properties required. At the end of the sintering process, the chamber of a stove or furnace in the environmental conditions have important role.     Second, the ferrite chemical process & ensp; Also known as wet process, also sometimes referred to as chemical coprecipitation method. Special preparation of high performance of ferrite process method, and can be divided into neutralization and oxidation. The process is: first the metallic elements, for preparation of ferrite when mixed with a certain concentration of ions in solution, and then according to the formula, the proper solution mixed by neutralizing or chemical reactions such as oxidation, producing ferrite powder, then process the same as mentioned earlier.     Three, single crystal ferrite manufacturing & ensp; And the crystal growth is roughly same, not of metal. Mn- Zinc and Ni - Department of zinc ferrite crystal growth is generally USES the bridgman method, namely put polycrystalline ferrite in the platinum crucible melting, at the appropriate temperature gradient decreased crucible furnace, from the bottom of the pot slowly solidified generation single crystal. In order to make the molten state under the formation of the oxygen partial pressure balance, need to add a few crystal growth in the chamber of a stove or furnace and even the oxygen partial pressure of 100 MPa.     Four, ferrite polycrystalline thin film preparation & ensp; Such as vertical magnetization barium ferrite thin films, the use of new to the sputtering target sputtering device. Preparation of garnet single crystal films, more use in the single crystal substrate for gas phase or liquid phase epitaxy method, the specific process with semiconductor epitaxial single crystal film method is very similar. Fifth, the preparation of amorphous ferrite & ensp; Is currently using super quenching method and sputtering method, the so-called super rapid cooling method of the ferrite material and right amount mixes metalloid element, under the high temperature molten state, the sudden implementation of large temperature gradient of the super quick cooling method. The research work has just begun, the performance of the products is not very ideal.
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