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Ferrite magnet ( Circle cylinder block tile shape) The general size tolerance

by:Newland     2020-04-12
Permanent magnetic ferrite after standard size refers to the sintering of various shapes, after grinding or sintering directly for the standard size of finished products conform to the requirements of the customers. Due to the sintering temperature, all kinds of raw material itself characteristics and process control and so on various factors, allow the finished size and standard size between one dimensional tolerance range, ferrite permanent magnet in the table below average size tolerance. Ferrite rings, cylinder gay/straight general dimensional tolerance ferrite block length, width, thickness of size tolerance tile shape ferrite magnet outer radius, inner radius, thickness, arch higher dimensional tolerance. The shape of the above is about some common ferrite size tolerance, Ricky magnet factory consultation, welcome to contact CARDS offer ferrite permanent magnets. Related ferrite magnet articles; What are the advantages of ferrite permanent magnet? Ferrite ferrite magnet main parameters and the advantages of brand data table
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