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Ferrite beads in the application of circuit _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-28
Used in circuit can increase due to ferrite beads without introducing dc loss, loss at high frequency and small volume, easy to install on the range of wire or wires, for more than 1 MHZ noise suppression effect is very obvious, so can be used as a high frequency decoupling of the circuit, filter, and inhibition of parasitic oscillation and so on. Low impedance of the power supply circuit, resonant circuit, class c power amplifier and thyristor switch circuit, etc. , using ferrite beads for filter is very effective. Ferrite beads in general can be divided into two categories, resistive and inductive, when using can choose according to need. The impedance of the single magnetic beads for ten to several hundred ohms, commonly used when one was insufficient attenuation can use multiple magnetic beads series, but usually more than three effect won't significantly increased.     Due to any transmission line exists inevitably lead resistance, lead inductance and stray capacitance, as a result, a standard pulse signal after a long transmission line, easy to produce on blunt and ringing. On the pulse front rise time under the same conditions, the lead inductance, the greater the impact and ringing phenomenon is more serious, the greater the stray capacitance, the longer the rise time of the waveform, and the increase of the lead resistance, will reduce the amplitude of the pulse. In the actual circuit, can use the method of series resistance to reduce and restrain and ringing.   Ferrite components is widely used in printed circuit board, power line and data line. As in the power cord entry point of PCB with ferrite beads, can filter out high frequency interference. Ferrite beads or magnetic bead is dedicated to inhibit letter & ensp; Line, the high frequency interference in the power cord and rush disturbance, it also has the ability to absorb electrostatic discharge pulse interference. Two element numerical size proportional to the length of the magnetic beads, and the length of the magnetic beads have obvious effects on inhibiting effect, the longer the length of magnetic beads inhibit the better the results.
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