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feature-high court for sale: sotomayor magnets, anyone?

by:Newland     2019-11-14
New York, June 29 (Reuters)-
What will Scalia do?
It sounds like a rhetorical question about Antonin Scalia, a reliable conservative Supreme Court judge with a razor. sharp wit.
But in the cafe
WWSD is a popular online marketplace and it is not an intelligence query.
This is a group of 110 products with an image of justice from a hoodie (
Black silhouette White for Scalia head, $49)to a 10-
Refrigerator Magnet pack with photos, $40).
These are just a small part of the site SCOTUSware.
There is also a $5 neo-classical building decal, a $10 roller coaster with a portrait of Judge Clarence Thomas and a variety of \"smart Latin\" magnets that go to the cable
\"For Latinos of all backgrounds!
Show your wisdom to the world, \"wrote the description of the item.
One of the most important Supreme Court terms in recent memory is drawing to a close, but tchotchkes continues to appear.
Perhaps surprisingly, given all the attention the court received, some vendors said it was not a banner year.
Sales of Supreme Court merchandise were flat or slightly down in places such as the first street official souvenir store run by the Supreme Court Historical Society;
Northern Sun of Minni aborith
Head office retailer selling T-
Shirts with political information; and CafePress.
The downturn in sales cannot be attributed to limited options.
At any time, for example, the Supreme Court\'s gift shop has between 1,000 and 1,500 items, from cufflinks to mugs to handbags.
However, even as crowds outside the court protested and celebrated the landmark medical ruling on Thursday, the gift shop was still quiet.
Kelly Harris said that at this time of year, business is often slow when schools are on holiday, and he is engaged in product development and commodity acquisition for shops.
Despite this, Harris said that many goods are still very popular with tourists.
One pocket-
Size calendar with Supreme Court seal ($4. 95)
\"Chef Supreme\" is a recipe published last year that was provided by the spouse of the Justice for the husband of the late Justice Ruth Ginsberg, Martin Ginsberg ($24. 95).
While judges themselves sometimes buy gifts for dignitaries in stores, most shoppers \"just come here to pick up holiday trinkets,\" Harris said, finding a $1 Mallet
As the whole of the store --time best-seller.
The store sells tens of thousands of cars a year, she said.
\"For some reason young and old people like this pencil,\" Harris said . \".
\"It\'s just a standard pencil, but on top of it, it\'s not divided into two halves like an eraser, with two erasers.
\"If there\'s time to cash it out in court, that\'s it.
Since the beginning of the most recent meeting in October, the Supreme Court has dealt with a series of issues that seem to be the dream of the slogans, from the \"brief cursing\" on television to illegal immigration, until Thursday\'s ruling on the Affordable Health Care Act.
The media frenzy has surrounded a number of sentences that the court has tried to crack down on rogue Twitter operations and electronic devices in court.
However, these developments have not translated into a sales boom for marketers like other news --
Cycle phenomenon has-
Think about Linsanity, the Super Bowl, and even the presidential election.
Tina Nelson, creator of board game Litigation!
The Supreme Court\'s senior judge said
The profile lineup of the case has no effect on her bottom line.
“You know what?
There is always litigation, so I don\'t think there will be any difference in any separate litigation, \"she said.
One of the reasons may be that the nature of the work of the high court is relatively single.
\"For most people, the Supreme Court\'s ruling is a bit off their lives,\" the sale of T-
Shirts and other items featuring progress information.
In the disputed citizen joint ruling of 2010, the restriction on the company\'s campaign expenditure was ruled to be non-constitutional, after which Cramer began to provide the \"top company\" T-shirt.
Cramer said the shirt was sold well.
About 300 pounds a year.
According to any ruling of the court this semester, he did not have a plan to provide the shirt.
Another possible explanation is that the public perception of the court has deteriorated.
Last month, the Pew Research Center reported that the Supreme Court\'s approval rating had reached a new low.
In a national survey conducted after the oral debate in health care cases, only 52% of Americans were positive about the court, down from 57%, the previous low of 2005 and 2007.
The most likely reason for the decline in sales related to the high court is that in an era of self-rampant
The court promotion is too low-
The key to moving a lot of goods.
\"They have been careful to stay out of the public eye,\" said Karlyn Bowman, a senior researcher at the American Institute of Public Policy Research Enterprises, a conservative think tank.
\"It\'s not surprising that we didn\'t see sales going up. ” (
Supplementary report by Joseph Ax;
Edited by Douglas Royal and general Croser)
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