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Fan motor with bonded ndfeb D55. 85*d52. 85 * 10 performance parameters is introduced

by:Newland     2020-04-15
The recent two months, small make up found that there are many boss in this specification as D55 zin. 85*d52. 85 * 10 magnet, is said to be used in fan motor, what specific fan motor, small make up also is not very clear, may be like mobile scaffold, magnetic vacuum pen before, are all the rage. Before, according to the customers is to want to replace with magnetic rubber, rubber magnetic but weak magnetism, other incidental costs also rose, with consideration of bonded ndfeb! About the bonded ndfeb D55. 85*d52. 85 * 10, now has a variety of performance and magnetization on market demand, also some customers is to use highly 14, have a plenty of highly 10, about the magnetization, necessary within eight pole, there are also using the 10 extremely, magnet magnetic table or need 950 gs, said high is not good, some need 1300 gs, specific see customer actual use requirement. At present, we have own mould and complete, the above said specifications, performance and magnetic table, we can provide samples, welcome to consult! If you have other specifications of bonded ndfeb customization requirements, provide best PDF drawings, CAD drawings, please tell us the specific size, such as no drawing level performance, the magnetization direction and tolerance requirements and order quantity. More) bonded ndfeb bonded ndfeb magnet quotation, sample welcome contact small make up work Q: 2355933625 WeChat: 13602300940
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