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family think i’m a space cadet… but my profits are out of this world

by:Newland     2019-10-10
STARGAZER Rob Elliott is called a spaceman by his friends.
But when he found the meteorite with his magnetic Golf Club, he laughed at the end.
Phil hopes to get a 6-
At an auction in Edinburgh today, he sold his latest collection of falling space rocks.
Rob is now traveling around the world for a living.
A magnet connected to a golf club looking for space debris on Earth. The dad-of-
\"Everyone thinks I\'m crazy,\" said the three, \"and I have all sorts of jokes about taking my stone down and the spaceman.
\"The only meteorite trader in the UK is hoping to have more sky --high bids —
After his last sale two years ago, he raised an amazing £ 120,000.
Rob also sold fireballs to celebrities, including eccentric pop king Michael Jackson and spoons --
Former Queen guitarist Brian May. The 50-year-
Old friends and long
Irene, the painful bank manager\'s wife, thinks the \"astronaut\" robbery is his cash cow.
But Rob, of Milton from fafburani, thinks he\'s the one who laughs all the way to the bank.
\"I dragged my wife and children in the desert to look at the rocks, but they didn\'t catch the bugs,\" he said.
They support me, just don\'t want to go hunting with me very much.
\"Some people just don\'t understand, but it\'s up to them because I think I have the best job in the world.
\"If they want to go to work with their shirts and ties every day and earn peanuts, it\'s up to them.
\"Rob\'s space rocks were hammered down at auction houses in Lyon and Turnbull, Edinburgh at two o\'clock P. M. this afternoon.
He said: \"I think plot 40 will cause some buzz because it is a meteorite related to Michael Jackson.
\"I used to do business with Uri Geller and in 2002 I gave Michael a meteorite gift through him.
\"The next year, I received a call from Camp Jackson telling me that Michael wanted a bigger meteorite --
He wants to cut it into the shape of a star.
\"I got a meteorite, cut it in half, and wiped both.
I sold half to Michael and the other half kept.
\"So Jackson\'s fans have the opportunity to buy a quirky item that has a direct connection to the superstar himself.
15 years ago, Rob quit his job as an electrical engineer for Trident missile systems to become a full-time engineer
Time meteorite hunter
He has been in red alert for any fall report from outer space.
More than 30 meteorites fall on British soil every year.
However, only 20 were found.
Only four were found in Scotland.
Rob discovered the Glenross meteorite in July 1997.
He said: \"Unfortunately, meteorites will not last long in the UK --
They rust and fall off because they contain iron.
\"The first one I found was when my father and I went out fishing --in-
Law of the reservoir near Glenrose.
It\'s just a small piece, but the auctioneers estimate it will cost several hundred pounds.
\"In 2005, he and his wife found a 43-pound meteorite in Yorkshire, Britain\'s second largest.
Rob said: \"It\'s called the paracite meteorite, and less than the meteorite is from this group.
The auctioneer began the auction for 10,00012,000.
\"Safety Awareness Rob\'s home is protected by CCTV and an alarm is issued to the thermal sensor to protect his discovery.
He has a special one.
The ready truck is loaded with all the gear he needs to rush to the latest potential Fall star.
But he found that the tools of the space rocks were not very good. tech.
\"I used saw,\" he said.
There is a powerful magnet at the end of the golf putter.
\"I\'m using nd magnets and you have to know how to deal with them, because if your finger is held together by two magnets, it will be crushed.
Rob turned his unusual hobby into business.
He smiled and said: \"I started doing this after I saw an advertisement selling meteorites in Astronomy magazine.
\"I can\'t believe I was doing it at the time, but I sent my $40 to the United States and this small meteorite fragment appeared in the post.
\"I just started doing the deal and built a very impressive collection.
\"There\'s no bigger buzz than finding something from outer space.
What you hold is another world that is older than the Earth itself.
\"It\'s a hard job and most of the time you come back empty --handed.
But Rob joked: \"When you find something, the profit will disappear from the world . \"
For more information about the auction, visit lyonandturnbull.
Comgraemedonohoe @~sun. co.
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