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Explanation of new type of magnetic liquid are introduced

by:Newland     2020-04-28
Found a new type of magnetic liquid, through manipulation of the magnetic nanoparticles in water on the surface of the YouJie self assembled, ultimately successful guide ferromagnetic fluid shift from paramagnetism to ferromagnetic. Shallow, magnets must no longer is solid, solid liquid can also be so activity. According to introducing, small to home appliances such as refrigerators, big to aerospace equipment such as magnetic compass, the form of solid magnetic materials is everywhere. And general liquid magnetic data such as traditional ferrofluid, although have sensitive shape but there is no pole in its own right, as long as continue to be under the effect of magnetization and magnetic field talent show specific magnetic. Ferromagnetic droplets found in the discussion, or liquid magnets, both with similar solid magnet magnetic, and liquid can be active, combination constitutes a new soft magnetic material. Research personnel mix water-based magnetic materials and organic phase, wandering in the water phase of carboxyl of the ferromagnetic oxide nanoparticles and neighbouring dissolved in the oil phase amination cage and a half times the siloxane in oil water interface interaction effect, since the assembled in situ form magnetic nanoparticles surface active agent, adsorption to the interface and complete the jam phase transformation, constitute a ferromagnetic droplets. Hysteresis loop measurement of the droplet found at room temperature, different from traditional paramagnetic magnetic liquid, the liquid droplets must strength the remanence and coercivity, into ferromagnetism. Combined with the latest full liquid 3 d printing and microfluidic shaping skills, research personnel can under the condition of the liquid, produced artificially to depict the magnetic liquid equipment.
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