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Explanation of ndfeb magnet slice technology _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-02
Ndfeb blank factory are mostly larger shape, when in actual sales, every customer need of product is not the same as blank dimensions must, so in the process of the finished product will have a section of program, the blank through mechanical cut into the size of the customer demand for the product. Magnet slice is to use slicing machine or multiple wire cut cut large pieces of magnet rough cut into small pieces. Because direct pressing sintering molding small products is not the economy is also difficult to ensure consistency and high performance. General requirements of sintered ndfeb permanent magnet surface smooth and reach a certain precision, blank magnet surface to surface flat grinding processing. Square of nd-fe-b alloy polishing processing methods are: inside two end face grinding, flat grinding, grinding, cylindrical grinding, etc. Often USES a cylindrical magnet coreless grinding, flat grinding and double side. Tile type magnet multi-station grinding machine, fan, heterosexual magnet is used. See a magnet product is unqualified, not only need standard, the performance of the magnet size tolerance to control also directly affect the performance and application of its products. And a magnet size tolerance value of accurate guarantee also directly depends on the product processing power plant. Processing equipment with the economic and social needs of the market constantly updated, more efficient equipment and industrial process automation trend, not only to satisfy the customer's need for magnets precision is growing at the same time saves the manpower and cost. Is product and market competitiveness. Magnet mechanical processing division: ( 1) Punching processing, punching processing will round bar, square bar magnet into cylinder or square tubular magnet ( 2) Cutting processing: the cylindrical, square magnet by slicing machine cutting processing into wafer or square ( 3) Shape processing: to turn round, square shape magnet type tile, fan, hollow or abnormity and other complex magnet in the shape of its shape slice processing methods are: grinding biopsy machining, laser machining, electric spark section on the practical application of ndfeb permanent magnet is a variety of shape and performance, for example: wafer, cylindrical, rings, cylinder ( There are inner hole) ; Square piece, square; Fan, tile type, trapezoid, hollow, much Angle of a polygon, and irregular shape abnormity, etc. Each piece of different shapes of the permanent magnet size, performance, tolerance values, has a different magnetization. Magnets in the production process of hard to do a molding, production process is Mr Chunk ( Big size) The blank, after sintering and smelting processing through mechanical processing 【 Including cutting, punching, chamfering 】 Peace grinding, the surface coating treatment, and then to the magnetization treatment. The best product for dimensional accuracy, surface quality, and smoke test detection such as packaged goods. Ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers if net in ndfeb magnet products research, development, production and sales of ndfeb magnet manufacturers. Our service tenet: quality products, favorable price and satisfactory delivery speed + good after-sales service! Ndfeb ( Powerful magnet) Products are widely used in food machinery, motor, lifting with a suction cup, automobile, motorcycle instruments, medical, communications, electrical, electronic electro-acoustic, national defense, aerospace and other high-tech fields.
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