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Every coating of magnet surface treatment, the magnet ( Color image corrosion resistance to salt fog)

by:Newland     2020-04-12
After yuanxiao, began to enter in the intense work, small make up today to share what is magnet surface treatment? What kind of common coating of the magnet are there? Article will introduce you to the magnet what each coating thickness, magnets plating salt spray resistance is the best? Kinds of coating and plating color corresponding pictures, magnets plating types of corrosion resistance. Nonsense not much said, directly into the theme: plating color contrast figure magnets plating color, magnet magnet surface treatment coating parameters ( Color, the use of temperature, salt fog resistance) Associated with this article magnets plating article 1, the difference between the magnets nickel plating and galvanized in where? 2, how to detect magnets plating quality? 3, ndfeb magnet surface plating what works best?
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