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Enterprise competition trends _ sintered ndfeb magnet ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-03
Enterprise competition trend of sintered ndfeb magnet & ensp;   According to the market law of development, ndfeb magnet enterprises development in the future competition will have the following tendency: & ensp; 1, bankruptcy: some lack of capital, technology and raw material advantages of small and medium-sized enterprises in the competition lose the survival foundation, will face bankruptcy and be concurrently and;   2, alliance: complementary advantages between businesses, or rely on technical superiority, by the geographical advantage, or by the combined capital advantage, or form a union;   3, mergers and acquisitions: the powerful enterprise through investment, investment and acquisition ways such as acquisition of small enterprises; 4, joint; Large enterprises at home and abroad to form combination, control and carve up the world and the Chinese market.   5, transfer: ndfeb production enterprise with the downstream application of the joint and cooperation of enterprises, strengthen the development of ndfeb application technology, the product structure gradually shift to downstream devices and terminal application products.   For the ndfeb magnet industry in China as a whole, must make GenJin technology. Overall, ndfeb magnet production technology in China and Japan and other developed countries still have certain gap. Such as Japanese manufacturers have been able to mass production magnetic energy product for more than 50 million high the sintered magnets, in addition to the individual companies can be a small amount of production in our country, most manufacturers will stay high in 45 million the left and right sides, product consistency and stability than the somebody else. We must follow the international advanced technology level, improve technology innovation, and through the joint venture and cooperation with the international advanced enterprise form strategic alliances, hitting a well-known brand, to give full play to the resource advantage, to make the power is not only of sintered ndfeb magnet industry in China, and is a manufacturing powerhouse is sintered ndfeb magnet.
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