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engineers build sperm-like robot controlled with magnets

by:Newland     2019-08-26
London: engineers make sperm
Like robots, robots can be controlled with magnets and can one day be used for drug delivery, IVF, cleaning of blocked arteries, and even cell sorting.
A research group at the University of tewinter (Netherlands)
German University in Cairo (Egypt)
Sperm has developed.
An inspired micro-robot that can be controlled by oscillating weak magnetic fields.
The 322 micron-
The long robot consists only of a head coated with thick cobalt.
Nickel layer and uncoated tail.
When the robot is subjected to an oscillating magnetic field of less than 5 ml-approximately equivalent to the strength of the decorative refrigerator magnet-its head is subject to magnetic torque, causing its whip flag to oscillate and push it forward.
Researchers can then guide the robot by pointing the magnetic field line to the reference point.
Sperm, like some bacteria, with a whip.
Just like whip flag pushes itself through fluid.
\"We have built a bio-inspired micro.
Robots look like sperm cells, but they are completely manufactured in the lab, \"said Dr. Sarthak Misra, a robot engineer at the University of tewinter in the Netherlands.
\"Nature has designed efficient motion tools for micro robots. scales.
Our micro robots are either inspired by nature or directly using micro robots in life
Organisms of complex microorganisms such as magnetic bacteria and sperm cells
\"Manipulation and targeted therapy tasks,\" Dr. Misra said . \".
\"With the advancement of technology, many products become smaller and smaller, and it becomes more and more difficult to assemble objects on nanometers. and micro-
Dr. Islam Khalil of German University in Cairo said.
\"Magnetic sperm can use an external magnetic field to control its movement, thus manipulating and assembling objects on these scales \".
This micro-robot is made by spin-
Coating five-on a silicon support wafer-
Micron layer of SU
8, polymer selected for its ease of manufacture and mechanical stability. The cobalt-
The nickel layer is then added to the head by using electron beam evaporation.
In the future, researchers hope to further reduce the size of magnetic sperm.
The team is currently working on a way to produce magnetic nanoparticles that can be used as whip flag.
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