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endangered elements pose threat to green energy

by:Newland     2019-11-19
The January issue of the world of chemistry warned about the imminent shortage of certain elements.
Among them are rare earth elements, especially nd, which is estimated to have to increase production by five times to create a sufficient number of wind magnets
Turbines are considered necessary for a fully renewable future.
My rough calculation shows that it still takes 50-
The implementation of 100, depending on the proportion of wind power generation will meet the renewable power budget, will prevail if the manufacturing capacity and other materials and energy resources required for this arduous task.
Nd is a rare earth metal that is widely used to produce permanent magnets in a variety of products from computer hard drives, mobile phones to wind turbines and cars.
Nd magnets are known to be the strongest permanent magnets, and several grams of nd magnets can lift up several thousand times the weight.
The magnet that drives the Toyota Prius hybrid electric motor uses about 1 kg nd while 10-
15 kg la was used in the battery.
Interestingly, the nd magnet was invented in the 1980 s to overcome the global cobalt supply shock caused by the civil war in Zairian (now Congo).
About a ton of rare earth-based permanent magnets is needed to provide wind power per megawattturbine power.
By alloy the rare earth element nd, it is possible to create magnets that are easier to maintain magnetic properties at high temperatures in hybrid car engines.
However, compared to nd, rare earth ore requires more rare earth than natural ore, which means that if hybrid cars are to be manufactured at a very high speed, another source of rare earth must be found.
97% of the rare earths are from China, and if demand continues to soar, it seems that China will run out of rare earths within 15 years.
Yum believes that China\'s hegemony over its future energy projects may mean that the number of rare earths currently on the world market will be severely limited.
The peak of oil may have been with us, and the peak of coal is 10-
15 years, and the peak of lithium is still the subject of speculation.
Peak nd is the latest threat to green energy, and doubts about the safety of many other groups of elements, including rare earth, platinum group metals, and antimony, be, etc, GA, GE, graphite, IN, magnesium, NB, TA, tungsten. Helium (
For cooling magnets in hospital MRI scanners)
Phosphorus (
Agricultural fertilizer)
Also threatened.
Even \"renewable energy\" does not save us from the reduction in fossil fuel consumption, and the only solution is to start severely slowing consumption to a lower level.
In an energy society based on local communities, there has been a significant reduction in energy inputs and resources for various \"exploitation.
Recycling must be the key to this most difficult transition step, along with a new concept of \"circular economy\" designed to simulate nature where nothing is wasted.
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