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empowered eyewear announces official launch of interchangeable frame technology

by:Newland     2019-09-11
Authorized glasses have ushered in a new era of fashion, affordable, and personalized glasses, and their glasses range is officially released today, taking advantage of the latest swap frame technology.
Licensed glasses has created a whole new sector in the eyewear industry, a fully patented, convertible frame series that combines fashion, innovative technology and timeless technologyseen-
The function is at an affordable price.
For the first time, glasses wearers can use this swap frame technology to easily and quickly turn their prescription lenses into one of eight frame colors and four available frame styles.
Embracing fashion and personalized consumption trends, consumers of authorized glasses can work with their lenses with black frames, then change the same lenses to color frames and spend the night in town.
Or consumers can keep the same frame and switch from prescription glasses to sunglasses with simple lenses.
Authorized glasses were founded by Sean McKinley and Joe Flynn, who created the company using personal experience.
Sean\'s daughter and her frustrating glasses shopping experience inspired this simple but amazing concept.
When buying the new frame, his daughter spent nearly three hours comparing the various styles and colors included in their annual insurance allowance.
She ended up choosing a neutral frame instead of her favorite, as she could only choose one style and color and needed a pair of outfits that could be used with most of her wardrobes.
She hopes she can have more options to customize her glasses to suit different outfits.
So Sean McKinley, in partnership with his good friend and business colleague Joe Flynn, started licensing glasses.
Together they create a range of swap, durable, affordable and stylish frames.
\"Unfortunately, solving problems with glasses is more common than you think,\" explains Sean McGinley, co-founder of authorized glasses.
\"When we started licensing glasses, we quickly realized that people like to choose and they don\'t want to just decide to wear a pair of glasses.
We are excited that the world finally has quality, fashion and affordable glasses to choose from.
As we know, our patent system will change the glasses industry.
\"The switchable frame technology works with simple lifting, switching and clicking.
Lift the movable level Klix®From the bar behind the frame, the lens slides out.
Then, select the frame color of your choice and switch the lens to that frame.
Click on your shot and you\'re ready.
With authorized glasses, you can now have and utilize multiple frames with a set of prescription lenses.
Authorized use of plants for glasses
Based on cellulose acetate frame, strong, lightweight, flexible, low allergy.
The patented Klix Rod features an nd magnet that can be released quickly and easily replaced with a frame.
\"No one in the business provides the services that authorized glasses provide to consumers,\" added Joe Flinn, co-founder of authorized glasses.
\"Our glasses employ disruptive technologies that no other product in the market today can match-truly transforming a huge and growing industry.
\"Authorized glasses have developed four luxurious frame styles featuring elegant Italian craftsmanship, including strength, confidence and value.
Available lenses include Rx, Sun and-
Blue light that can be exchanged within a frame style. Add-
In features including progress and light-Adaptive lens.
The authorized glasses range is now available on authorized electronic glasses.
Start with a suggested retail price of $95 per frame.
As a special introductory transaction, authorized glasses offer two frames of the same style, three slot frame organizers, hard frame housing, lens cleaner and lens cloth.
In addition, for each product sold, authorized glasses will donate a percentage to the still brave children\'s cancer foundation.
To learn more, visit empoweredeyewear. com.
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