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emlyn jones - obituary

by:Newland     2019-10-23
Eylyn Jones died at the age of 98, an experienced mountain and Himalayan climber who served as a bomb handling officer during World War II.
Jones spent a lot of war time in London to dismantle the device, but in D-
One day he was sent to northern Europe where he was involved in the V3 \"super
This could be more deadly than the V1 and V2 rockets.
After the war, he became a highly respected chartered surveyor and was initially selected as a member of the 1953 Everest expedition, but later he was still a home --
Second backup climber, after
Monsoon, attack if the first attempt fails.
John Hubert Esther Jones was born in Llandudno in August 6, 1915, and although he left Wales at the age of 14 for deway school, he is still very proud of his Welsh background.
His father, who is a principal, often walks and climbs on nearby mountains, has inspired his son\'s interest in climbing mountains.
After leaving school, Emlyn was eligible to become a chartered surveyor for a Liverpool company, most of the weekend climbing mountains in north Wales and the Lake District.
On 1938 and 1939, he took a holiday in the Alps and joined the Mountaineering Club (
He will continue to climb in Snowdale on vacation during the war and join the Alpine Club in 1944).
Jones joined the Royal Engineers at the time of the war and was commissioned in May 1940.
Four months later, the bomb disposal force was re-established and Jones was sent to direct Part 44 of Gibraltar\'s military camp, to Bury St. Edmonds, where one day, \"knowing the explosives, but nothing about the bomb, I was sent to deal with an UXB, an \"unexploded bomb\" that was 50 kg kilograms on the battlefield, and I blew it up \".
He was then trained for two months on the RAF bombs and German fuses.
Major Tony Hebert.
Lieutenant Harry Beckham George Lowe
Colonel Jones, the band Charles Wyley George, was on duty in Suffolk, where he made a major discovery: \"The low profile of the German Air Force
Bomb for a while.
Delay the fuse and hold out the arm until the shell hits the ground.
We can use a strong magnet or salt water to stop the clock of the fuse, remove the fuse safely and steam or burn the explosive.
Aware of this, the German intelligence service has developed a hidden and dangerous \"ZUS-40” anti-
Withdrawal device.
My sergeant and I unknowingly removed a defective device from these new devices, which fortunately did not detonate.
Jones reported this development to the \"boffins\" of the War Office, which immediately spread the news;
In January 1941, he was appointed MBE (military)
Be brave for the sake of attention
By the age of 28, Jones was the main commander of all five bomb-handling companies working in the north.
West London: \"We always know where the bomb is.
Whether it\'s in a hole in the ground or shaking around the building, I don\'t feel the constant threat.
The V1 rockets started in the 1944 season, but they didn\'t offer us any work;
They\'re all gone!
\"He was then sent to D-and was immediately sent to the second bomb disposal platoon in France. Day. His front-
Line duties include the removal of mines, trapping traps and beach obstacles throughout Normandy and towns such as Amiens, nemegen, ipur and Ostend.
In May 1945, Jones was involved in the destruction of the vast underground complex of the mimoix fortress, built by 150,000 m³ concrete 12 miles from Boulogne.
This is the website of secret v3.
Prior to this, Allied intelligence had evaluated it as a launch site for the V2 rocket.
Inclined long axis of 50 degrees, intended to accommodate more than 25 V3
Chamber, smooth hole
600 fin shells can be fired at central London every hour, each weighing more than 200lb.
Two of these axes are almost ready to use.
Churchill was advised to destroy the fort \"while our army was still in France\", so the Royal Engineer was ordered to do so.
Jones later recalled that when he entered the deep well for investigation, he found that there was almost no remaining equipment in it.
But in May 9 and May 14, 1945, he and his colleagues detonated 35 tons of explosives in the shaft.
An angry Charles de Gaulle thought it was an attack on French sovereignty, but, as Jones recalled with a smile: \"Somehow it was too late for a message from Charles de Gaulle to convey to us!
After destroying the V3 complex, Jones was sent to the \"T force,\" whose duty was to protect the areas of northern Holland and Germany from the demolition and destruction of the enemy.
\"On February 1945, I was sent to Bishop Stafford\'s safety course --
Broken lock-picking.
Our coach is an old man.
\"In the Second Battle of Arnhem, Jones was one of the first British officers to follow Canadians into the liberated Amsterdam.
Jones joined Milne and Byrne in Birmingham in 1946 as County valuers.
He soon climbed up again in the Alps.
Notable climbs include the northern ridge of Dent branch (14,318ft)
Then there was Matt Horn, Roton, and the entire Moring Ridge from the mountain.
Emlyn Jones joined the London business partnership in 1950, where he was invited by HW the next day (“Bill”)Tilman, a pre-
Mount Everest war climbers, explore the areas around Nepal\'s Annapurna II and IV.
To Jones\'s delight, his business partner allowed him to take five months off.
No Westerner has been allowed to travel since the 17th-century two Jesuit missionaries left the Kathmandu Valley.
There is no hotel for the party and only accommodation at the British embassy.
While others were trying to climb the Annapurna IV, Jones passed through solonra and returned to the Holy Land of muktina through the Brigan darki Valley.
On 1952, John Hunt was preparing to climb Mount Everest.
As a member of the climbers and Alpine Club, he knew Jones very well and chose him as a member of the reserve team.
Jones often attends parties on Mount Everest, which are often held in London. y-
Gwryd hotel under Snowden.
On March 1959, Jones attended a gathering of six people from the Sora kunb expedition in the UK to try to climb Ama dabane and conduct cardiovascular research on it (22,494ft)in Nepal.
Decided to try the steep north
East Thorn, they set up camp 3 at 19,850ft on a route with little ground;
They set up a tent from a vertical drop, no more than one yard.
George Fraser and Mike Harris set up their last camp at 21000ft in May 1 and started attending the summit.
They were seen on the more easily rounded hillside until noon, and the cloud hid them from sight.
Despite extensive searches, they never showed up again, possibly lost their lives on the way down the mountain.
During his career, Jones worked as a surveyor until 1968, when he started 17-
Spent a year in the Land Court.
He became the authority for rating assessments and appeals.
He was appointed CBE in 1986.
One of Jones\'s interests is music: he founded a 60-
Leiden Bazaar Symphony Orchestra.
He is also pleased to be a member of the Garrick Club, where he continues to play bridge twice a week until the age of 98.
Jones is the chairman of the mountaineering club. 1968-69)
And the Alpine Club (1980-82)
Member of the Council of the Royal Association of Chartered Surveyors (1964-69).
He served as senior sheriff of buckin County in 1967. 68.
He published various articles in mountaineering magazines and wrote the book Land Court: A Guide to practitioners (1982).
Elyn Jones married Louise Hazel in 1954 and Louise Hazel survived with a daughter and two sons.
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