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Electromagnet and what are the same and the difference? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-28
Electromagnet, just as its name implies is the electricity is produces the magnetic & other; Magnets & throughout; And is the product of science and technology. Magnet, also known as permanent magnet, is a kind of ordered molecular structure, bring their own magnetic & other Magnets & throughout; For natural ore. Electromagnet and ordinary in common: ( Less common) 1. Have a magnetic 2. Have repel while at the same level, different levels of attraction, the principle of 3. There are magnetic level are north and south poles. Electromagnet and the common difference: permanent magnet magnetic, electromagnet has magnetic, electricity power no magnetic, magnetic poles position cannot be changed, the magnet pole can change, magnet magnetic constant size, magnet magnetic size can change, the magnet is simple to use and electromagnet used trouble, magnet coil, electromagnet coil. 1, the electromagnet to electricity to magnetic, and magnet after magnetization, normally without electricity. 2, magnet magnetic size can change, it related to the intensity of the coil number of turns and current, and a magnet magnetic size cannot be changed. 3, the magnet poles ( S N) Can change, this is by electricity is negative as well as the coil winding direction to decide, and permanent magnet poles is fixed. 4, electromagnet mainly used in large-scale processing plants, large adsorption processing to the specified location, and a magnet is mainly used in all kinds of household electrical appliances, electronics, electrical, trumpet sound, intelligent household. 5, electromagnet coil, the magnet coil. 6, electromagnet used relative problems, such as with a power outage protection system, to ensure safety, magnets are relatively easy to use and convenient. Through the above similarities and differences of electromagnet and introduction, believe that you have your own choice. 1. Composition element of different magnets is iron, cobalt, nickel and other atoms, the atoms of the internal structure is more special, itself has a magnetic moment. Can produce magnet magnetic field, has attracted ferromagnetic materials such as iron, nickel, cobalt and other metallic properties. The electromagnet can be electricity flow to generate the magnetic device. 2. Species difference magnet sort is more, the electromagnet is unitary. 3. State of magnetic pole magnet has different N and S poles, with a compass can be very easy to distinguish. But the dc and ac electromagnet. Dc electromagnet and permanent magnets, with a fixed magnetic field and steady magnetic pole. And the alternating magnetic field is generated by the alternating current (ac), N and S poles exchange changes constantly. 4. Magnetic field strength strongest belong to different magnetic force of permanent magnets artificial permanent magnets. Natural magnets, magnetic force is much weaker. And artificial magnet magnetic force is through & other; The magnetization & throughout; To obtain, belong to & other; Remanence & throughout; 。 So will never reach the level of electromagnetic. Of course there is the deep reason of the material itself. 5. Different size despite the restrictions on the manufacturing process, permanent magnets can't also don't need to do too much. Can imagine a one cubic meter of strong magnet in the transport and will have a lot of difficult to overcome difficulties in use. While the electromagnet can be according to the actual need to determine the size and shape, in the case of no electricity and handling is no different from ordinary equipment installed. 6. Magnetic intensity of the controllability of electromagnet according to different needs, through adjusting excitation current to control the strength of the magnetic force. And the intensity of magnetic field of permanent magnet is fixed, it is difficult to adjust. Can be made by magnetic short circuit or magnetic shielding, of course, also some fine-tuning, but the effect is limited, also is not very convenient operation. 7. Give priority to with miniaturization purpose is not the same as the purpose of the permanent magnet, electromagnetic mainly used in the large machine or equipment. Because of permanent magnets with magnetic so can do volume is very small. Such as quartz clock inside the rotor, the magnetic clasp on the backpack bags, mobile phone used for small motor vibration. Being limited by the size and the use, it is impossible to use electromagnetic in these places. Use both electromagnet, also because of too little excitation coil magnetic strength cannot satisfy. And large motor and steel reuse magnets must be used, otherwise not only the magnetic field strength can not meet the requirements, can also lead to can't operate. Electromagnet and the same place is have iron, all can produce a magnetic field, can attract iron. Magnet is refers to the permanent magnets, the predecessor is electromagnet, is electromagnet after losing current by magnetic. Different places is the core material is qualitative different, permanent magnet heart often use special materials, such as ndfeb magnets containing rare earth metal. Electromagnet general use: easily lose magnetism: the magnetic material made from Lin, transformer core with high silicon content in ferrosilicon, advanced are beryllium core. High-frequency core is barium ferrite magnetic ceramic iron acid, such as the medium wave radio antenna, magnetic ring, etc. Strength of different electromagnet can do strong magnetic field. Magnetic field of permanent magnet generally unchanged, electromagnet can change, and determines the electromagnet has wide application of blinking, such as bell, ancient cables, motors, relays, transformers, the radio antenna, the high-frequency transformer magnetic ring. Electromagnet can be used for magnetic refrigeration. Axis floating trains. Axis floating globe. Sound recording or video recording tape is electromagnet record information into a permanent magnet. A lot of application. Electromagnet is a core of electric solenoid has a certain number of turns. Working current of dc electromagnet. When electricity electromagnet has certain magnetism, when the solenoid in the circuit of the electrode changes, the polarity of the magnet polarity changes accordingly. Without electricity, electromagnet no pole. 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