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Electromagnet and the similarities and differences is what?

by:Newland     2020-03-18
Have customers call our company to buy magnet from time to time, in their view, the magnet with electromagnet is likely to be about the same, can do the magnet electromagnet can do, in fact is not like this, today small make up just to tell you the electromagnet and the similarities and differences. Say first electromagnet, solenoid inside with a core of electric solenoid, when inserted into the core within the electric solenoid, iron core by magnetization of the magnetic field of electric solenoid. After magnetization core also becomes a magnet. It is by the electric energy into magnetic energy, the process of magnetic energy into kinetic energy ( Electric energy, magnetic energy to kinetic energy) 。 So in electric power design process involves voltage, current, resistance, power. In magnetic energy design process involving magnetic induction intensity, magnetic flux, etc. Here, take a look at the magnet with a permanent magnet, it can be a natural product, can also be made by artificial ( The strongest magnet ndfeb magnet) 。 With wide hysteresis loop, high coercive force, high remanence, once magnetization can keep constant magnetic materials. Also known as permanent magnetic materials, hard magnetic materials. Applications, the magnetization after work in depth of magnetic saturation and permanent magnet magnetic second quadrant demagnetization part of the loop. Permanent magnet should be as high as possible coercive force Hc, remanence Br and maximum magnetic energy product ( BH) M, in order to guarantee the stability of the maximum magnetic energy storage and magnetic. Electromagnet and similarities are there? They both have in common is have magnetic field, magnetic. Electromagnet and differences have? 1, the electromagnet to electricity to magnetic, and magnet after magnetization, normally without electricity. 2, magnet magnetic size can change, it related to the intensity of the coil number of turns and current, and a magnet magnetic size cannot be changed. 3, the magnet poles ( S N) Can change, this is by electricity is negative as well as the coil winding direction to decide, and permanent magnet poles is fixed. 4, electromagnet mainly used in large-scale processing plants, large adsorption processing to the specified location, and a magnet is mainly used in all kinds of household electrical appliances, electronics, electrical, trumpet sound, intelligent household. 5, electromagnet coil, the magnet coil. 6, electromagnet used relative problems, such as with a power outage protection system, to ensure safety, magnets are relatively easy to use and convenient. Through the above similarities and differences of electromagnet and introduction, believe that you have your own choice. Note: our company only produce permanent magnets ( A permanent magnet) , such as rare earth ndfeb magnets, ferrite magnets, motor magnets with tiles/radial multi-polar magnetic ring/bonded ndfeb magnets, magnetic components and so on, don't make the electromagnet. Magnet picture: http://www. 勇气, 磁铁。 com/chanpin
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