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Electromagnet and electric difference between _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-06
Electromagnet and electric magnet distinction introduction first of all let us distinguish the difference between electric magnets and electromagnets: 1, electrical magnet is can represent all audio sound appliances and through magnetic force after turning on the power supply is needed to work on this a series of electrical equipment. 2, the electromagnet is a kind of electricity to generate electromagnetic device. It is generally through the winding on the outside of the core power to match with the conductive lines, circling it can during a conductor has current can have magnets have magnetic, it is also called the electromagnet. It is special in, electricity is magnetic and will not produce magnetic without electricity. And a fault current, produced by the magnetic also will disappear. Therefore, the electromagnet is widely used in large cranes, maglev train, the electromagnetic relay and so on! Electromagnet has many advantages: 1, the magnet magnetic whether can use, current control; The magnitude of the magnetism can use the strength of the current or the coil to control how much the number of turns; Can also be controlled by changing the resistance to control the size of the magnetic current size. 2, its magnetic poles can be controlled by changing the direction of the electric current, and so on. I. e. , the strength of the magnetic can change, magnetic can be controlled, the direction of the magnetic pole can change, magnetic can disappear because of the disappearance of the current. 3, the electromagnet is current magnetic ( The electric magnetic) Closely linked to an application, and life, such as electromagnetic relays, magnetic crane, magnetic levitation train, electronic door locks, intelligent channel turns, electromagnetic flowmeter, etc. Electric magnet as long as it is, then basically can contain. As we often use the stereo and speakers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, television, washing machines, DVD, VCD, electric fan, tape, computer, etc. , these appliances are inside contain magnets. And many electrical appliances internal chip is also a magnetic! So you can't put strong magnet with a strong magnetic things such as these on the side of the chip and its appliance, because produce demagnetizing effect, to the normal chip and its electrical appliances can't work. One of the most typical example is that many of our membership card is belong to the electric magnetic card, people often put electric magnetic card and the magnet together, finally, he was degaussing electric magnetic card, not normal to use! Article electromagnet and electric magnets by magnet manufacturer small make up the difference between original share, pay more attention to magnet knowledge welcome!
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