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earth’s magnetic pole shifts, screws up runway at florida airport

by:Newland     2019-08-30
An airport in Tampa, Florida, has to temporarily close the runway to keep up with the Earth\'s magnetic Arctic, which is drifting to Russia at 40 miles a year.
According to Fox News, the international airport was forced to adjust its logo on its busiest runway on Thursday as the pilot relied on magnetic field navigation.
The runway will be closed until January.
13, and will re-
According to the Tampa Bay Tribune, the new taxiway marks its new location on the aviation charts.
Paul Takemoto, spokesman for the FAA, said the Earth\'s magnetic field is changing-
But there are so few, so the runway logo needs to be changed.
\"You want to be absolutely precise on your compass course,\" he told Fox . \".
\"You have to make these changes in order to ensure the precision we need. \"[
Rewind: terrible negligence adds to a week of airline accidents]
FAA spokesman Catherine Bergen told Fox News: \"The poles of the Earth are constantly changing and affect the runway number when they change more than three degrees . \".
It is not clear whether there are other airports that need to adjust the runway.
The Earth\'s magnetic field is still confusing for those who study it, \"considered to be produced deep inside the Earth,\" explains life science writer Jeanna Bryner.
\"The core of solid iron is surrounded by the core of molten iron.
They rotate at different speeds, and the interaction between these regions produces what scientists call a \"hydrogen magnetic generator.
It\'s like an electric motor, and the magnetic field it generates is like a huge bar magnet.
Sometimes the pole will flip completely. -
Presumably when this happens, many larger changes are taking place, in addition to a modest adjustment to the airport signs.
The last time on earth to experience a polarity flip was 780,000 years ago. (
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