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Driving the development of ndfeb magnet motor market

by:Newland     2020-05-06
According to expert introduction, the electric car to drive system requirement is high torque density and high reliability, operation torque control ability is good, so the motor with the ndfeb magnet is more than a conventional car. Now every hybrids than traditional car multi-purpose ndfeb about 3 kg, pure electric vehicles to use 5 to 10 kilograms of ndfeb. In early 2009, for the first time in China's new energy car subsidy policy, has been expired at the end of 2012, is currently in policy blank period, new energy vehicles is limited by a lot. According to the energy saving and new energy vehicles industry development planning ( 2012 - 2020) ', in 2015, our country of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid cars off sales to 500000 vehicles; By 2020, the pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle production capacity of 2 million vehicles, the cumulative volume has more than 5 million vehicles. The China association of automobile manufacturers, according to data released 12552 vehicles in 2012 China's new energy automobile production, sales of 12971 units. In the first half of 2013, national sales is only 5889 cars in new energy, demonstration city of cumulative promotion number only about 40000 vehicles. According to the current speed, to realize the goal of cumulative production and sales of 500000 vehicles in 2015, new energy vehicles subsidies will accelerate. According to forecast of institutions, a new round of new energy vehicle demonstration promotion plan, will build pilot area with pilot cities as the core, expand the scope of radiation, at the same time, the hybrid subsidies is expected to increase greatly. Upgraded version, the new energy car subsidy policy will significantly improve the first round of promotion effect, thus bring ndfeb magnet incremental market space, market predicts 2020, demand for ndfeb magnets in China each year up to 4. 40000 tons, global demand is close to 100000 tons, potential broad market space.
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