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double block and double the fun with pool and tennis court

by:Newland     2019-09-23
Double Street in Collaroy, one of the largest neighborhoods in the suburbs.
Source: This duplex block in Collaroy is one of the largest in the suburbs.
There are a few super-
However, in the large and small section of Ramsey Street, there is more land than there, there is a slope on this street, and many blocks are tilted.
This double Street area located in Devon Pl 5 is 1814sqm, all of which can be used.
Multi-purpose tennis court.
Source: lower entertainment area and lawn are provided.
Source: supplier next to the pool Source: The supplier coming back from the beach in devonpl is a small dead Roadde-
Sac near Suffolk Avenue
There are only six houses in this House.
The road has the largest land.
And the north side.
The last time a neighbor was sold was in 2009. The open-
Planned home 180-
Degrees, uninterrupted sea views and many places inside and outside can live and play.
Andrew Winter: The owner said it was a house built for entertainment.
\"It\'s a great place to get together for kids and adults,\" they wrote . \".
\"We have a lot of parties here and the kids keep having fun, which means there is a lot of quality time for adults.
\"The tennis court is usually used as a cricket ground or a five-person football Court --
Pool and new table tennis area-
Attracts children at any time of the week.
It is unusual for our children to come over without friends.
Children\'s choices are endless.
\"The house has been completely renovated and imaginative in the past few years.
High ceilings, wooden floors and floorsto-
Ceiling windows with sea view background. The double-Side fireplace.
Source: Kitchen Source: there are double living areas
Side sandstone fireplace.
These rooms are open to all.
The width of the balcony and the best of the sea.
Gas and Caesar stone kitchen with stainless steel
You can also enjoy the sea view of steel appliances.
Three of the five bedrooms are on foot.
In the wardrobe and your own bathroom, one works as well as the media room.
There\'s a double garage outside plus off-
Street parking for three cars.
Garden, separate Terrace, tennis courts and a covered pool.
This is a very private and prestigious home with lots of space to expand and lots of entertainment upstairs and downstairs.
Open sea view.
Source: supply this renovated property on a quiet dead Roadde-
Sac will be sold on April 11 in the form of a letter of intent.
Adam Moore, an agent for Stone Real Estate, said the price guide was $6.
Between $5 million and $7 million.
He has more details about 0428 319 096.
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