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Dongguan magnetic technology co. , LTD. Introduction to how to recognize a strong magnet magnetic force

by:Newland     2020-04-08
City magnetic technology co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of ndfeb strong magnet for 13 years, become a magnet partner of more than 6000 customers at home and abroad, in the process of early contact with the customer, find that our customers are mostly a question that how to understand and judge a strong magnet magnetic, or magnetic force is related to what factors? Currently on the market when it comes to magnetic force some manufacturers are measured by gauss meter, part of the customer is using gauss meter to test the quality of the magnet. First understand the meaning of gaussian, we say that the gaussian refers to a spot on the surface of the magnet magnetic table, used gauss meter all know, the probe on the gauss meter also change the data on the mobile gauss, usually gaussian is the highest, at the edge of the value center of gauss is relatively low. We say that thousands of GS, is to use the probe on the value of the magnet surface gauss meter, so the larger the gaussian represents the stronger the magnetism? Actually gauss value can't distinguish the magnet magnetic force size, because different size there is no comparative gauss magnet, for example: 3 mm in diameter, the thickness of 3 mm magnet gauss value rather than 6 mm in diameter, the thickness of 3 mm of gauss data much more, but the 6 mm diameter, the thickness of 3 mm magnetic/adsorption is surely superior to the diameter of 3 mm. Normally, when it comes to GS data can only be reference for comparing with the size of the magnet. Distinguish the magnetism of the magnet, using fluxmeter is relatively accurate, fluxmeter is measuring the magnet flux,, not like a gauss meter single measurement point on the surface of the magnet. Finally, related to what the magnet magnetic? First, and is directly proportional to the size/dimension of the magnet, the strength of the magnetic force is larger for large size, the smaller the child, in addition to the magnet material more magnet magnetic analysis, find the city on the magnetic technology co. , LTD. A: why are powerful magnet demagnetization or demagnetization? Next article: magnet manufacturer declare the coating ways of ndfeb strong magnet
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