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Dongguan magnet manufacturers, the pursuit of high quality magnets

by:Newland     2020-04-11
City magnet manufacturer, specializing in the production of various specifications ndfeb strong magnet, magnet has 13 years manufacturing experience, performance is steady, the price is reasonable. Has long been a magnet manufacturer taking quality as the principle of the king, collaborate, each department to participate to improve, strengthen quality management, gain numerous unanimous favorable comment of partners, is worth promoting magnetic pins, round magnets, magnetic components, products sell like hot cakes in the pearl river delta. Magnet factory since its inception, thought that customers value magnet magnet quality, the superior price, good service, one-stop procurement, magnet has become, shenzhen and other regions influential brand, the company has a good office environment, have a good young dynamic sales team. The biopsy of the field production workshop with a professional chef and packaging to shipping. I company for nine big enterprise culture: 1, the core values of integrity, dedication, innovation, win-win, responsibility, gratitude integrity - Good reputation, and is never late in keeping an appointment! Dedication - Diligence, hard work and strong will! Innovation -- - Learning new ideas, create new methods, strive for new progress! Win-win: Company and employees, customers, vendors form a pattern of win-win to win more! Responsibility - To oneself, family, work, enterprise, society is responsible for! Gratitude - To his family, colleagues, friends chang huaikang Thanksgiving heart, grateful! 2, the military culture of five execution: obedience, responsible, no excuses, act now, and create excellence. 3, the military culture of two principles: be good, go all out. 4, family culture, transfer love with love, with life influence. 5, school culture: keep the thirst for knowledge, empty cup mentality, to practice. , employing way: there's a only abnormality reuse, is, not only cultivate use, has a limit and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted without virtue, without DE resolute don't. 5, business philosophy: honest and trustworthy, mutually beneficial and win-win 6, management idea: strict is the love, everything and everyone wants to tube 7, service concept: customer's any problem must give reply within 24 hours. 8, quality philosophy: customers are strictly follow the customer's standard, the customer did not take customer satisfaction as the standard. 9, team culture: efficient, harmonious, happy and efficient: have time node, have the consciousness of the result of the rapid execution harmony: simple, unity and joy: work achievements, happy that an article: under the simple introduction of the magnet a: magnets are made?
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