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Dongguan magnet manufacturer of magnetic technology

by:Newland     2020-04-08
Magnet manufacturers a lot, most of which belongs to a small factory, family production mode. Among them there are several annual turnover of tens of millions more the size of the enterprise. Today introduce magnet manufacturer - — City magnetic technology co. , LTD. Magnetic technology co. , LTD. Is from move in 2018, formerly known as shenzhen al magnetoelectricity. Established due to the need of development after the move to the city of magnetic technology co. , LTD. , since al company specializing in the production of the magnet for 13 years, as a magnet manufacturers, is a bit junior years brings together a group of professional personnel, slice, special-shaped processing, surface plating processing one-stop production, products are exported to more than 50% proportion. Magnet manufacturer located in humen town, if you have any magnet design hotspots, magnet requirements, or to find the magnetic technology. A: on the role of ndfeb magnets do salt fog test and related concept is introduced next: the United States: China 'trump card' weapons instead of rare earth minerals it - —
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